Things to be considered while designing the logo

Things to be considered while designing the logo
Kumsal Ajans
Kumsal Ajans
02 Feb 2019

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The Importance of Your Logo Design (Identity) for Representing You

We can define the logo word as the representation of your business on paper. The logo is designed specifically for businesses, so people should be able to understand who you are and what you do when they look at the logo. Is the logo exclusively for businesses? No, of course, people who need to identify themselves, who are in business life and have a personal business card can use. As a result, anyone can make their own logo.

Considerations in Logo Design

As stated above, the logo must be fully explained by the company it represents. Logo is the identity of the business is not wrong to say. The colors you use, the fonts, the points, the lines, the graphics are all small details, but when they come together, they are literally expressing you. Therefore, every line used in the logo should be used with caution. A good logo should be a messenger. For example, if you are a construction company, when you put your business card on someone with your logo, the person in front of you should have a sense of trust.

You should feel that you are using quality materials, that the house you built is durable and that you will be happy with your family. The logo should be designed according to the target market. So if the target market is children, the articles should be more fun and fun. If the target market is women, the colors used by the women and the drawings for women should be used. So remarkable, descriptive, the customer malı you must examine me !, without looking! Is he must scream and most important must be memorable.

A good logo should be unique to your company. A logo designed for you should not direct the customer to a brand, or similar to the logos of similar brands.

The colors you use must be matched to each other without interfering, without confusion, and in terms of simplicity, there should be no more than three colors. When designing the logo, it should be designed in a way that it can be used in different sizes in technical tools such as notebooks, note paper, trophies, canvas.

Colors to be used in Logo

When designing the logo, the colors that the colors tell are used because of the feelings they tell. For example; Red appetite is an excess of blood pressure in the food industry because of the color is used. Green is the color of nature and its confidence represents peace. This is the reason why it is used frequently in bank logos.It uses the color which wants to give attention to the color message. When using white, black, pink, purple and orange colors, expressing your sector should be used in the logo by knowing its meaning and its effects under human consciousness.

It must be done by professionals as the logo should give the correct message correctly. It should not be forgotten that the logo represents you where you are not.

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