What is Corporate Identity Design?

What is Corporate Identity Design?

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What is Corporate Identity?

It is the name given to all the ways in which a firm represents the entire order and movement order, strategic decisions, position against the events and the firm's posture along with the general lines of the procurement scheme. It can also be described as an organization's way of expressing itself within the supply chain.It is of great importance in terms of the image of the company as it can be used to communicate with each other as well as to be able to communicate with their customer portfolio and to attract their attention.

what is corporate identity design

What Should Be Considered When Creating Corporate Identity?

  1. Corporate Identity Book: It contains all the values of the company and serves as a user manual. The company should include in detail the potential of the company and its potential. When a person who does not know the firm is given this book, he should be able to have information with the firm as many times as before.
  2. Corporate Color and Font Pattern: The company can also be referred to as the shadow reflected in the supply chain and should be able to see the works of corporate color and font style at the points where the company is mentioned.
  3. Logo and Slogan Compliance: The motto with the logo represents the company's presence and identifies the company in commercial life the only two elements. Today, when we think of a company, we first think of our logo or slogan. For example, when we think of Starbucks company, the mermaid logoimmediately comes to mind, or when we think of Mediamarkt , the motto ak Almam ! Most of the time, these slogans are wandering around and we can even keep the company in mind. At this point, a simple but elegant logo and a good slogan , which represent the work of the company, will make a big contribution.
  4. Business cards: Business cards can be defined as ID cards that are used to advertise in the commercial area of the company. The name of the company on the business card, what the business does, the slogan, address, telephone number and e-mail address must be found in the contact information.
  5. Other Auxiliary Objects: You can list them as many details such as CD, economic documents, e-mail signature design, building flooring, packaging advertisements, promotional materials, specially prepared calendars and magazines, envelopes, files, letterheads.

Who Can I Do Corporate Identity Design?

Corporate Identity, because your company is the largest representative in the commercial area, you should pay attention to whom and how it was designed. You can not only be your identity but also your place of advertising when you are in the sector. For a corporate company, the professional image comes first and foremost because people want to work with professional companies that give confidence to themselves rather than to amateur companies. We are able to offer you the most suitable design service for your needs with our knowledge based on years of experience as a beach agency.

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