What is Digital Agency? How to Choose the Right Digital Agency?

What is Digital Agency? How to Choose the Right Digital Agency?

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What is Digital Agency?

Digital Agency, unlike conventional advertising agencies; They are the general names given to the organizations that continue their activities by using all the opportunities of online and digital environments in the most efficient way.

Digital Agencies have established their fields of work on digital media by name. Here, they undertake the task of developing advanced strategies in many areas such as social media management, web design, search engine advertising (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), mobile application development and social media advertising.

It was difficult to measure their performance, as traditional agencies did not have sufficient measuring mechanisms installed and could not do so. Although the recycling of advertisements published in newspapers, TVs, magazines or billboards could be measured superficially, no exact data could be obtained. Digital Agencies have created their own methods and all their work can be followed through social channels. The main advantage of this is direct access to the target audience. For example; Suppose you advertise on a TV channel, where the ad rate is determined by the rating of that program. Let's assume that your ad is also related to diapers, and even though you appeal to a high audience, there is a very small group of people within the diaper target audience. Although there is a huge decrease in wages / yields in advertisements that cannot be measured, such as advertisements given to TV programs, their prices are also quite high. If you had the chance to advertise here just for your target audience, your cost would be reduced and your efficiency would be much higher because you could reach your target audience more easily. The biggest advantage of Digital Agencies lies here, giving you the opportunity to reach a much larger audience with much lower amounts thanks to direct access to your target audience.

What Do Digital Agencies Do and What Services Do They Provide?

Turkey and international digital agency in diameters between the presence of your brand value to you on behalf of the online environment offers many services can sustain. As a result of these services, you can increase your sales, increase your brand awareness, create a prestigious image for your corporation and naturally build your presence in the sector on more solid foundations. These services can be listed as follows;

  • Site Traffic Analysis
  • Web designing
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social media management
  • Content Marketing
  • E-Mail Marketing E-Mail Marketing

How Digital Agencies Work

The primary duty of the Digital Agencies is to dominate the target audience and business model of the service to be given to the finest detail regardless of the person or organization. It then analyzes the time intervals of the target audience on online environments and in which social environments this audience interacts more. In line with this analysis, the company will form a marketing strategy in order to take the necessary steps and maximize the efficiency.

It starts to implement the strategy to maximize the yield and will pay great attention to the fact that the marketing budget of the receiving company is used in the most efficient way. Since online environments are used, it performs the analysis of yield and conversion rates in the strategy created by using the necessary tools. In general, companies want to make sales, and software companies want to buy or download their applications. As can be seen here, the quality of the efficiency can make a difference in line with the working areas of the companies. For example, a beverage company does not expect to sell on social media, but just wants to increase its awareness. Therefore, each firm's yield and conversion measurement methods will vary according to the field.

How to Choose the Right Digital Agency?

If you want to get to a better place in your business and get a higher yield from your work, you should be very careful in choosing Digital Agency. By working with the digital agency that will provide you with the most appropriate service, you can make the work more effective. Here are some things to be aware of;

  • Is it accepted as a Google Partner? Is there a Google Partners certificate?
  • Have you served companies of your size or larger?
  • What do previous references say about the organization?
  • How do you establish previous references?
  • Are Google Success Stories available?
  • It is able to provide the necessary and liaison between you and Google Office in Turkey?
  • What kind of a position are they communicating with you?
  • Are you satisfied with their ideas on strategy formulation in line with your goals?
  • How did they perform in their work similar to yours? What have they done for this performance?

The detail that will affect you in your choice of Digital Agency is undoubtedly the target you want to reach. These goals can be many conversion methods such as downloading your application, displaying your website, increasing your sales, increasing your brand awareness and providing traffic. If you don't make the right Digital Agency choice, you may be wasting both your money and your time. In order to prevent this, you should work with the company that will offer you the best service based on what we mentioned above. You can contact us for an effective exchange of ideas. We are always ready to give you the most institutional Digital Agency support.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

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