What is B2B? How does B2B Integration Work? What are B2B Uses?

What is B2B? How does B2B Integration Work? What are B2B Uses?
Kumsal Ajans
Kumsal Ajans
Category: E-Commerce
11 Feb 2019

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What is B2B?

B2B is the abbreviation of e Business to Business aca which stands for den Business to Business işlet. However, B2B, together with Turkey companies and businesses too often used as a trading company modelidir.b2b in all other institutions and businesses involved in the system is to shop through the website. There are also B2B portals where firms from around the world participate, and exchange of hundreds, thousands, and even millions of products.

Here, local companies or the companies around the world meet the companies or businesses, the web site on the B2B e-commerce portal meet. These are the places where the services and products designated for sale in these platforms are shown online.


B2B, an online access point, offers an environment where companies can reach each other every day, 7/24 online. Companies and businesses are able to continue their trade at any hour and minute of the day without being affected by a number of processes, such as weekends, special occasions, or overtime. Another important point is the ease of interacting with another company from anywhere in the world thanks to the development of the Internet. You can share all products and services with new buyers from different countries and cities. Orders can be taken over the system with multiple interactive methods. For example; we can request a purchase via the system via telephone, fax, or email.

Moreover, the orders can be automatically converted into the system called ERP and can be converted into production demand or stock supply. In this case, the order-to-buy ratio and speed will also increase. Incorrect order entries will be reduced and customers will be able to search for detailed products and services on the system, compare them on the basis of product specifications and prices and form a team basket.

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