Association Portal (Website) Software | Usage Areas

Association Portal (Website) Software | Usage Areas

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Association portal software are software that gathers different processes of your association under one roof and provide you with great management convenience. In the management process of an association, it can be difficult to gather all the information in one center. You can facilitate the management process with association portal software tailored to your needs and enable your members to access their own information by signing in from your association's website.

Association members can follow the latest news and announcements about your association on the portal. Later, when they think of participating in an event related to the association, they can make transactions on the portal and obtain the most detailed information about the training opportunities they have registered.

With a modern association portal software, you can gather management processes under one roof and perform all activities of your association on your website. In addition, you can easily convey your mission and vision to large masses through the portal.

If you want to use the blessings of the internet for your association to be recognized by a wider audience, you can achieve this with association portal software. By creating a portal website instead of normal websites, you can collect all the elements of your association on a single software and provide users with a qualified visit experience.

As Kumsal Ajans, we develop association portal software completely tailored to your needs. We train your team on portal management and use and then support you in revision requests. You can then update the association's software according to your demands and changing needs.

association portal website software usage areas

Which Services Does Association Portal Software Host?

Association portal software offers you great convenience in the management process of your association;

1. Member Management

Members who log into the association portal can easily access all the information they are looking for. They can ask questions on the portal or find a response to their requests. We can list what you can do on the portal software as follows;

  • You can automatically recruit new members to your association.
  • You can direct members to information sources.
  • You can use different features to interact with the members.
  • You can send newsletters and all information privately to all of your members. You can also customize the documents you send according to the personal preferences of your members.
  • You can automatically notify the members about the association at the time of membership renewal.
  • You can remind members about their annual payments.
  • You can easily check members and association employees online.
  • You can keep all records and transactions related to members in a secure admin center.

2. Financial Management

Association portal software will also offer you great convenience regarding the financial processes of your association. Your members can access their entire payment history by logging into the portal. In addition, they can easily view their receipts for the payments they make. They can also access many details about their membership.

Association portal software provides you the following facilities in terms of financial management;

  • You can record all upcoming payments, discount rates, fees and all other financial information of members on the portal.
  • By making calculations about the financial status of the association on a single platform, you can eliminate the risk of error and ensure financial transparency.
  • You can add all payment, discount and subscription information in the association to each member's digital account.
  • Members can check all payments for subscriptions and one-off events on a single panel by logging in via the portal.

3. Education Management

Association portal software also provides great convenience in education management. You can enroll members in the association's courses, store their certificates, or help them gain access.

Association portal software provides the following in education management;

  • You can create personalized e-mail lists of members. You can send information messages about upcoming courses to the members who will be interested in training through the portal.
  • You can obtain a training center where members can register and contain information about all upcoming courses, information about trainings and is very easy to use and manage.
  • You can get feedback about the courses you have organized. You can also collect information about cost and access data easily.
  • You can report updates and changes about the time and place of the courses to your members in real time.
  • You can store the participation certificates of the members in the trainings you organize in a single center and, if necessary, you can ensure that your members can easily access their certificates.

4. Action Management

Association portal software also provides action management. With special software, you can get easy access and payment ability to your association's marketing activities. This service can be described as follows;

  • You can provide members with all future information on the central event page on the member portal.
  • You can make this information public on the portal and add it to your e-mail lists.
  • Your members can easily register for events. They can also invite others to their events.
  • Members can ask questions about events or easily process payments.
  • You can collect feedback and evaluate your activities by organizing e-mail and portal surveys.
  • You can easily measure the data of an event. Because you can collect all data about participation in the event and financial situation in one center.

5. Committee Management

With association portal software, you can easily direct your association's board of directors to attend the meetings. In other words, the management activities of your association can become very easy with software;

  • You can configure the portal in accordance with the structure of your association.
  • You can evaluate the different types of members accessing the pages. You can authorize members to access certain pages. You can take action to prevent members from entering some pages.
  • You can gather all communication about changes and organizational process in a single center.
  • You can hold online voting and enable members to participate actively in the decision-making process.

Association portal software provides great convenience to the business. With these softwares, you can get great convenience in terms of members' access and association management.

What are the Advantages of Association Portal Software?

Association portal software provides you with advantages in many aspects for your association;

  • It maximizes efficiency in the promotion and function of your association.
  • It provides a superior user experience to visitors and members who enter your association's websites and saves time.
  • You can enable potential members of your association to make decisions more easily and quickly.
  • You can make the cooperation between the members of the association more effective.
  • You can ensure that users and members are easily informed about the developments related to the association.
  • You can establish an effective communication network between all stakeholders of the association.
  • You can use information technologies effectively in the management process of your association and provide an efficient data storage area.

association portal website software usage areas

Why is Association Portal Software Important?

The prominent features of association portal software can be listed as follows;

  • Integration: The association allows members and visitors who use your portal to access all content from a single source. It integrates all content related to the association on a single platform.
  • Personalization: Visitors and members can customize their own needs through the association portal.
  • Categorization: You can categorize the various fields on the portal at the access point of the association members to information. Thus, your association contents and activities can be grouped and become more organized.
  • Easy Access to Information: Association members can easily access the information they want to access. In addition, they can easily search for the information they want.
  • Safe Usage: Authorization and identity checks are performed while accessing the contents in the portal software of the association. This makes association information and data more secure. Some content cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons.

With association portal software, you can authorize your website as you wish and easily create a database you need. You can apply to Kumsal Ajans team for association portal software solutions that will provide great convenience in the association management process.

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