Business Process Tracking Software

Business Process Tracking Software

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Business Process Tracking Software

Managing business processes is an action that poses great challenges for many businesses. Many business owners and executives say it costs a lot to manage their business processes. In this process, business process tracking software comes into play. These software provide great convenience for you to manage your business regardless of the size of your business.

With business process tracking software, you can manage all business processes of your business organizationally. Thanks to this system, the working system of your business becomes more efficient and more effective. With these softwares, you can see and edit every detail of your organization and make arrangements for the operation by making the necessary analysis.

Each department in an enterprise has a different task and dynamics within itself. However, it can be difficult for managers and business owners to master all departments. With business process tracking software, you can view, manage and analyze all processes on a single platform.

Through the system, you can examine how the business processes work, immediately identify the problems in the system, take the necessary precautions against existing failures and easily monitor the entire work flow.

Thanks to the data you obtain through the software, you can design your business processes, make the necessary modeling, execute your business processes, monitor the work performed and make the necessary optimizations instantly. You can easily coordinate the behavior of data, systems, personnel and objects through the system.

With business process tracking software, you can automate your business process and minimize the operational costs of your business.

Why Is Business Process Tracking Software Necessary?

When business processes are not organized and systematic in a business, there is chaos. In this process, each person gets involved individually and looks at the business processes only from their own frame. In this case, it stands aside by doing its part.

An operation that is not well managed and optimized can cause great damage to your business.

Without business process tracking software, you may experience the following problems;

  • You need to spend a lot of time monitoring, planning, spotting and tracking the operating system in your business. In this case, it becomes impossible for you to control the entire business process.
  • If the operation is not organized in a business and the management network is weak, the number of errors increases from the lowest level to the highest level. Mistakes made in business processes can cause great damage to your business.
  • In the case of malfunctions detected by the business owners, the staff usually blame each other. This leads to a situation that cannot be solved. In this case, you may find it difficult to find a qualified solution.
  • Lack of data about business processes arises in your business. It is very difficult for you to keep all data about different departments without business process tracking software.
  • If business process management is not carried out effectively in an enterprise and there is a management gap, the motivation, efficiency and morale of the employees will also be low.

With business process tracking software, you can improve your business processes and ensure that all details in your operations work in the best possible way. Kumsal Ajans team can develop business tracking software tailored to the needs of your business and operation.

What are the Types of Business Process Tracking Software?

Business process tracking software can be classified for the purpose they serve. You can purchase the software you want according to the needs of your business and easily manage your business processes.

Business process tracking software types are as follows;

1. System Centric Business Process Tracking Software

These softwares can manage all processes connected to your company's existing business systems without human intervention. System-centric business process tracking software offers comprehensive integration and API access that you can create your business outputs quickly and efficiently. Online banking systems are the most accurate example of these software.

2. Human Centered Business Process Tracking Software

Human-centered business process tracking software is supported by automation functions created by taking people into account. So it runs by humans, and this process is only supported by automation systems. The software usually works with the approvals made by the staff. It also includes the duties performed by the staff. They are preferred in areas such as providing customer service, reviewing customer complaints, the hiring process of the business, conducting e-commerce activities and submitting expense reports.

3. Document-Centric Business Process Tracking Software

Document-centric business process tracking software is software that includes a document in the business processes of your business. In these systems, the authorized person performs operations such as forwarding, formatting, verifying and signing the document. It is software that is generally involved in business processes for management staff.

You can also purchase software that brings together all types of business process tracking software suitable for the demands and needs of your business.

Business Process Tracking Software Benefits

Business process tracking software helps you in the transition to digital transformation policies of your business and in realizing your larger corporate goals.

The advantages of business process tracking software can be listed as follows;

You Can Easily Adapt to Changes: You may have to change and optimize your business's business processes. With business process tracking software, you can easily keep up with the changes you make due to the future, goals and market conditions of your business. With these softwares, it gives you the chance to adapt to change in the process of changing, reusing and customizing the workflow.

You Can Reduce Your Costs and Increase Your Revenues: The most important purpose of business process tracking is to minimize management costs. You can reduce the costs of your business with business process tracking software. By getting faster access to products and services, you can sell more and earn more income. You can monitor your resources, reduce your costs and earn more income.

You Can Get High Efficiency in Business Processes: You can easily make end-to-end improvements thanks to business process tracking software. By accessing the right information, you can instantly monitor the delays caused by the personnel in the business processes and make the necessary interventions. Thus, you can achieve higher efficiency in your business processes.

You Can Control Performance Transparently: You can monitor important performance criteria in real time with business process tracking software. So you can control the performances transparently. Transparent control gives you the ability to manage better, you can better monitor results and change business processes more efficiently.

Legally Secure Your Business: With a comprehensive business process tracking software, you can stay legally up to date and legally secure your business. The software documents all procedures in accordance with the law and offers you effective results in terms of security.

Your Information is Stored Securely: In software, private information and resources of your personnel are securely stored. Thus, your data is secured against the misuse of company equities, loss of data and private information, and theft.

In Which Situations Are Business Process Tracking Software Functional?

Business process tracking software will be functional for your business in the following cases;

  • In dynamic processes that require customer information management and changes in accordance with the legislation after changes in finance and privacy laws
  • In complex business processes that require regulation and coordination among these communities while managing multiple business units, departments and workgroups.
  • In critical processes that provide direct improvement of important performance metrics
  • In business processes that require many legacy applications to complete
  • Business process tracking software will be functional in business processes that have exceptions and perform manually or require fast turnarounds.

As Kumsal Ajans, we develop business process tracking software suitable for your business goals and needs.

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