Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Enterprise Resource Planning Software

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Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Enterprise resource planning software are software systems that enable an enterprise to plan and manage the basic supply chain, production process, services, financial and other processes. In other words, thanks to these software, you can automate and simplify all operations of your business such as accounting, purchasing, project management, customer relationship management, risk management, compliance and supply chain.

In the corporate resource planning process, you can buy software specific to your brand. You can find solutions suitable for your brand needs with corporate resource planning software packages tailored for you. These software can connect all business processes and departments in your business. You can plan the financial status and goals of your business, make budgeting, create future budget estimates and make detailed reports about all your financial details.

A Brief History of Enterprise Resource Planning

In the past, corporate resource planning has been used by giants in many industries. Enterprise Resource Planning was first used by the Gartner Group in the 1990s. This term, which has been adopted in the industrial world for 100 years, has become technologically software as the needs change.

In 1913, an engineer named Ford Whitman Harris introduced the Economic Order Quantity Model, a paper-based production system, for production planning. In 1964, Toomaker Black and Decker implemented the first Material Requirements Planning solution using a main computer.

After the 2000s, cloud-based enterprise resource planning software began to be used. Today, much more advanced software has been adopted by businesses.

How Does Enterprise Resource Planning Software Work?

The basic principle of enterprise resource planning software is to manage the process of using a company's resources and to maximize organizational efficiency. These systems enable you to increase the number of your resources, to grow your business effectively and to improve your earnings without sacrificing quality and performance in your business.

Enterprise resource planning software accommodates all aspects of your business operations. These softwares usually include the following processes;

  • It is an integrated system between different departments and personnel.
  • The environment related to all business processes of your business provides a database.
  • It allows you to do real-time operations.
  • The environment offers a user interface between the application and all stakeholders.
  • It provides access to all data in your cloud system and software within your company.

These software can collect data between different departments in your business, allow you to make comparisons, and have the ability to provide the reports you want according to specific user preferences. You can find the collected data of your business very quickly, get reports easily and provide a complete view of the business performance of how your company resources are spent.

The best part of enterprise resource planning software is that it eliminates the need to keep data in separate databases that you need to manually combine to generate reports, and provides a synchronization between the database. In this way, it allows you to take action on many issues such as where you should reduce your costs and business planning.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software for Large Businesses

Enterprise resource planning software is specially designed to meet the software needs of an enterprise and to improve business performance. In the past, these softwares were preferred by large businesses.

In the past, these were the systems used by large enterprises to monitor and analyze business processes, collect data about financial processes and manage their financial situation. Since corporate and large enterprises had many resources in the past, they preferred enterprise resource planning software tailored to their needs.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software for Small Businesses

Nowadays, enterprise resource planning software is no longer reserved for large enterprises. It is possible to develop software specific to the size, function and needs of an enterprise. You no longer need to have a large organization for enterprise resource planning.

For this, you should check whether it meets the needs of your business. You can buy software that will meet your business needs in order to adapt to changing business needs, to adapt to future technologies and to meet all your other needs. All businesses focused on growth should invest in this software to manage their financial processes.

What are the Types of Enterprise Resource Planning Software?

There are different types of enterprise resource planning software for businesses. You can buy a software type that meets your demands according to the needs of your business.

The most commonly used types of enterprise resource planning software are as follows;

1. In-House Enterprise Resource Planning Software

They are software that you can only use within your business. These softwares can be used in the physical office area of your company. After the software is developed, you can have full control of the entire system on the company's own computers and servers. It is an effective software type in terms of communication, efficiency and data flow between different departments within your company.

2. Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning Software

This system is enterprise resource planning software that you can use with internet connection. A personnel included in the system can operate on the software without being stuck in a physical location. It is generally preferred by businesses with large organizations. We can develop them according to your needs by making trainings, flexible customizations and updates in cloud-based systems. It is an efficient system especially for businesses working as dealerships.

3. Hybrid Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Hybrid enterprise resource planning software is a mix of on-premises and cloud-based systems. A combination of hosting and distribution services is applied in these software. These are models that offer the flexibility to switch between delivery models and integrate different features not included in your existing applications.

Enterprise resource planning software types have different distribution models and are recommended by our team according to your needs.

In Which Sectors Can Enterprise Resource Planning Software Be Used?

Enterprise resource planning software are software that can be used in any sector to make the business processes of an enterprise more efficient. It is an effective communication tool for managing information between internal and external departments of companies, managing projects, conducting daily activities, tracking compliance with guidelines and removing the complexities associated with a business process.

Some sectors where enterprise resource planning software can be used are as follows;

  • Production
  • Industrial machinery
  • Build
  • Decoration and renovation
  • Electronics and technology
  • Automotive
  • Aviation and defense
  • Hospitals and Healthcare institutions
  • Medicine
  • Food and drink
  • Accommodation and hotel
  • Clothing and retail
  • It can be used in many sectors, especially food sectors.

Corporate planning software is related to the term production. Therefore, it can be developed specifically for the company in any sector that has a production process. Special enterprise resource planning software can be developed for every enterprise that wants to follow daily business processes and financial status. Kumsal Ajans team performs software planning for your sector and corporate needs.

What are Enterprise Resource Planning Software Modules?

The modules included in corporate resource planning software can be duplicated entirely according to your needs. Generally used modules are as follows;

  • Financial accounting
  • Management accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Manufacturing and production
  • Order editing
  • supply chain management
  • Project management
  • Customer relations management
  • Data services are the most frequently used modules.

It would be wrong to see enterprise resource planning software as standard. As Kumsal Ajans team, we can make updates, improvements and plans in accordance with your demands and needs.

We can develop custom enterprise resource planning software to manage your company's business processes in one hand, to report using data from many areas including financial status, and to make future-oriented production, procurement and financial plans.

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