What is a Cross Platform Mobile Application? | What Does It Do? | Usage areas

What is a Cross Platform Mobile Application? | What Does It Do? | Usage areas

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Cross-platform mobile applications are mobile application types that are developed to work on more than one mobile infrastructure platform. These applications can be compatible with multiple operating systems such as both iOS and Android. With these applications, which are also known as dual platforms, they can have applications that can work on different platforms over a single code system.

They are very convenient systems for an enterprise to offer its products and services to the market more quickly. Since these applications can be integrated into many mobile operating systems, they are effective choices in reaching large masses.

When many businesses decide to have a mobile app, they focus on using native apps. However, native mobile applications can only run on Android or IOS systems. In this respect, local applications can be very costly.

The double platform development market in the world has exceeded $ 8 billion by 2020. Cross platforms, which allow you to develop an application compatible with different operating systems such as Android, IOS and Windows, can be as efficient as a native application when the right tools and resources are used.

An enterprise can use multi-platform technology to reduce the total cost of mobile applications that will provide high efficiency and to be present on different platforms at the same time. Thus, you can reach a wide audience without any quality deterioration.

what is a cross platform mobile application what does it do usage areas

What are the Advantages of Cross Platform Usage?

Multi-platforms primarily provide great advantages for businesses with low budgets and who want to enter the market as soon as possible, with their development speed and being as useful as local applications.

Cross platform advantages can be listed as follows;

  • If you want to have a native application for all mobile operating systems, you will need to allocate a very high budget. Cross platforms, on the other hand, significantly reduce the mobile application cost of your business. You can have a mobile application that is as efficient as local applications at very affordable prices.
  • Cross platforms allow you to have a mobile application without compromising the user experience and the highlights of native applications.
  • If you want to enter a market quickly and your time is limited, dual platform solutions allow you to reach users on different operating systems in a short time. Local applications can be time consuming. This service will also save you time.
  • By partnering with an experienced mobile development team, you can minimize the management risks to your business. Kumsal Ajans team can make very important contributions to your brand with its experience in mobile applications.
  • Cross platforms allow you to reach a wide target audience in a short time.
  • You can put your brand in many new markets on a global scale.
  • You can manage to increase your application revenues by being present in more than one mobile operating system.

Mobile applications designed by Kumsal Ajans team can be designed according to your functional and corporate needs.

What Are The Tools Used In The Cross Platform Mobile Application?

There are many technologies that can be used during cross platform mobile application development. As Kumsal Ajans team, we focus on using the technology that best suits your corporate needs.

Some of the technologies we can use in the cross platform are as follows;

Reach Native

It is a popular mobile application development technology launched by Facebook in 2015. Its outstanding features are that the codes are reusable and the development time is very short. Reach Native technology gives users the chance to have a local-like interface. You can develop native, native applications using JavaScript as the programming language.


It is an old cross-platform technology that started operations in 2011. Although he first started operating independently, he later started to work for Microsoft. In this technology, C # coding can be used in an open source way. So the mobile application can run on many platforms including Android and IOS.


It allows you to achieve unmatched graphic quality for your mobile application. It is a technology where you can have mobile applications compatible with many different operating systems such as PlayStation, Linux, Windows, Wii as well as iOS and Android.


It is an open source cross-platform technology that enables seamless native interfaces for Android and IOS operating systems. Thanks to this technology, you can develop a mobile application that looks native on both Android and IOS.

What Should Be Considered In Cross Platform Mobile Application?

There are some points to be aware of in the Cross Platform mobile application. If you want to have the most efficient cross mobile application for your business, you need to use the right technology. That's why, as Kumsal Ajans team, we choose the technologies we will use by focusing on your expectations and goals from a mobile application.

Your dual platform mobile application should be able to perform high on different operating systems and have a high user experience. In these applications, you should focus on getting the closest efficiency you can get in a native application. To achieve this, you should work with an experienced mobile application development team and do your corporate needs analysis.

As Kumsal Ajans team, we test applications at the last stage in all cross platform applications we have developed, and we continue to support our customers with application development and updating throughout the process.

Cross platforms are very suitable for local applications in terms of cost. However, when purchasing a cross platform service, you should focus on getting the most efficiency with the least budget. If you do not have an idea about the budget, you can also get consultancy service from us on mobile application development.

what is a cross platform mobile application what does it do usage areas

What are the Differences between Cross Platform Mobile Application and Native Mobile Application?

The most important difference of cross platform mobile applications from native applications is their lower cost. Native mobile applications are a higher cost choice especially for businesses with low budgets and newcomers to the market.

You can reach wider audiences with binary platforms. Native mobile apps allow you to reach audiences using only one operating system. However, thanks to the dual platform, you can reach the audience using different operating systems.

The development process on native platforms is time-consuming. Cross platforms are more advantageous in terms of time since they allow presence in more than one operating system with a single application. Native applications for corporate needs can also be preferred. As Kumsal Ajans team, we are ready to share our views and experience with you in order to make the right decision about developing native or cross mobile applications for your business. For detailed information, you can contact us via our communication channels.

Cross Platform Mobile Application Prices

Cross platform mobile application prices vary completely according to your corporate needs. The application to be developed for each company is planned specifically. Therefore, after understanding your goals, we can prepare a price quote for a cross platform that will enable you to reach your goals and make the necessary preliminary studies.

Many factors such as the features to be found in your dual platform mobile application, the technology and programming language to be used in your application, the type and number of operating system you want to be present affect the prices.

It is worth mentioning that cross platform mobile applications are of a quality that can meet the corporate needs of small and medium-sized enterprises and at low costs that they can afford.

You can contact us for detailed information about the Cross platform.

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