What is a Hybrid Mobile Application? | What Does It Do? | Usage Areas

What is a Hybrid Mobile Application? | What Does It Do? | Usage Areas

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Hybrid mobile application are mobile applications that can run on more than one operating system. It is the most preferred mobile application type in the world and in our country. We can describe these applications as hybrid or mixed applications. Unlike native mobile applications, it is a type of mobile application that can run on all operating systems such as Android, IOS.

In these applications, mobile application developers code a pattern application. It can then be used by making small adaptations in accordance with the system of the platform on which it will be used. Hybrid mobile applications are preferred because of their speed and low cost compared to others. In particular, it is in high demand by medium and small-scale enterprises that have taken steps towards branding and have a limited budget. With this application, the dependency on a single operating system is eliminated.

In Hybrid mobile applications, the basic working logic is loaded locally, in other words native. However, a web application is opened within these mobile applications. The main starting point of applications are coding languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript. These applications are preferred by businesses that focus on fast consumption and need a mobile application in a very short time.

what is a hybrid mobile application what does it do usage areas

Why is Hybrid Mobile Application Preferred?

Mobile applications today help a business to appeal to more users in the digital environment. Even small businesses can increase their income at very high rates through a single mobile application. In other words, businesses that want to reach their potential customers definitely include mobile applications.

The most important advantage of mobile applications is that businesses are not limited to only one location where they are located. In other words, a mobile application is a must for a global or national marketing strategy!

Many individuals and businesses that sell products and services choose to reach their target audience with the mobile application. One of the most important reasons why the Hybrid mobile application is heavily preferred is its low cost and not being dependent on a single infrastructure such as native applications. Especially small and medium-sized businesses can access their users.

What are the Advantages of Hybrid Mobile Application?

The advantages of using Hybrid mobile application extensively are high. Companies that are not bound by time limits and need fast action apply to hybrid applications.

Hybrid mobile application advantages are as follows;

  • The Hybrid mobile application can be prepared in a very short time. In this way, it can take place in the markets in a short time without wasting time.
  • These applications are based on coding languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript. Therefore, it adapts immediately to situations that require general compatibility. You can use the application on all operating systems with basic application structure.
  • It is extremely low cost. In the native mobile application, a separate mobile application for all operating systems may be costly. It can run on all operating systems with only minor adaptations.
  • It can immediately adapt to the most popular operating systems such as iOS and Android.
  • General features are easy to use on consumer targeted devices. The system aims to have a mobile application open to development in the future.
  • There is a single code base instead of codes written specifically for different operating systems. Managing and updating the mobile application becomes a very simple and practical process.

What are the Disadvantages of Hybrid Mobile Application?

Mobile applications are developed according to the demands, needs of businesses and the density of the customer base they appeal to. Therefore, hybrid mobile applications, which have many advantages, also have some disadvantages. The downsides of these practices arise primarily when they are not suitable for the demands.

When developing a mobile application for your business, it primarily depends on the performance of the application and your expectations from the application. In addition, the usage capacity of the mobile application has a direct impact on the performance.

Webwiew is required for displaying the interface for Hybrid mobile applications. For Webwiew to work, Javascript code must also work. In some cases, this infrastructure may not show high performance for the mobile application. Hybrid mobile applications will be insufficient for businesses that want high performance. In this case, native mobile applications may be the right choice.

Application type is also important when making Hybrid mobile application. Native mobile applications are a type of mobile application with a superior user experience. Hybrid mobile application may not provide the desired efficiency in some cases in terms of user experience. Native mobile applications are more functional especially in mobile applications to be built for the game industry.

How Safe is Hybrid Mobile Application?

Having a mobile application is one of the most important problems for businesses. Hybrid mobile applications are completely secure applications when done by a professional team and written completely. The factor that will minimize the security weaknesses in hybrid applications is the healthy and qualified coding.

A hybrid mobile application contains as much security risk as all other mobile applications. So it should be noted that there are some security risks for every mobile application. Research and experience show that native mobile applications are slightly more secure than hybrid mobile applications. However, security weakness will be minimized in hybrid applications that pass a successful coding.

You can take some precautions against security vulnerabilities in Hybrid mobile applications. These measures will minimize threats to your application against potential risks and attacks. There is no method that can be applied to make a mobile application completely vulnerable from attacks, regardless of its type.

One of the most effective and practical security methods in hybrid applications is to use secure frameworks to run the application. In a mobile application developed with Hybrid technology, problems such as caching problems, Javascript injection problems, SSL application weakness may occur. The weakness of the SSL certificate also poses a security risk for native origin mobile applications. Therefore, before having a mobile application, rather than the security situation, possible expectations and demands should be determined and support should be obtained from a professional team.

Hybrid Mobile Application Prices

When you decide on digitalization investments, web sites or social media accounts will not be sufficient alone for corporate infrastructure. In order to earn more and appeal to a wider audience, you must also have a mobile application. When you want to get mobile application service for your business, native and hybrid mobile application options will come up.

The mobile application is seen as a very costly project, especially for individual or corporate customers with a low budget. We can state that the cost of native mobile applications is high. However, hybrid mobile application projects can be done at low costs. The main feature of these applications is that they are designed with a general theme for all operating systems.

Hybrid mobile application prices are directly related to the general needs of your business, the coding language to be used, the experience of the team that will develop the mobile application and the price policy of the agency from which you receive support.

If you are requesting a mobile application project that will be professional, ready in a short time and you can use in different operating systems for your business, your choice may be hybrid mobile application. As Kumsal Agency team, we carry out professional hybrid mobile application projects for many customers from different sectors.

We first come together with you for mobile application projects. After listening to your needs, expectations and demands, we prepare a suitable mobile application project draft and offer a price quote. You can contact us for detailed information.

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