What is B2C? | How Does Integration Happen?

What is B2C? | How Does Integration Happen?

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Perhaps the most common and most well-known in e-commerce applications is the B2C (e-commerce to customer) system. B2C portal is a collaboration with web portals and virtual stores in the sales made over the internet.

In general, all transactions that enable commercial enterprises and businesses to make sales from their own web sites fall under the scope of B2C. In this system, customers can order the products and services they need from the company's web site or from web portals or virtual stores where the company provides products and services and the products of other companies and institutions can also be marketed.

What is b2c, how to integrate b2c

The customer, along with the orders, sends the credit card information to the website together with the electronic media for the payment transaction. This process is called VPOS, which is reliable enough to provide credit card shopping on the internet and privacy systems are made with a very advanced payment process. The VPOS system is an Internet-enabled format for POS devices that we use a lot for other purchases. Since VPOS is a system that operates on banks, the vendor or business must sign an e-commerce contract with a bank that provides VPOS for such payments. More than one bank in our country offers this opportunity to companies and businesses. Moreover, the company has the possibility to pay by EFT, money transfer or delivery.

This order and payment system in the B2C market is an e-commerce system that provides a great benefit for companies or businesses doing business in the retail market.

Advantages of E-Commerce with B2C Method

  • Possibility to receive orders around the clock.
  • Direct access to the customer
  • Ability to see customer requests and demands closely with the feedback system on the website
  • Not to be satisfied with the local market, to reach other markets in other cities and abroad, to obtain competitiveness. Small companies can also benefit from the export opportunities of large companies
  • Ability to minimize the costs of personnel, personnel and time required for marketing activities and thus provide effective savings.
  • In terms of customer shopping, especially time, space, such as the elimination of requirements and also the completion of the shopping process easily.
  • B2C e-commerce is the way to catch these advantages thanks to the following important issues
  • In B2C e-commerce applications, professional thinking is one of the most important themes. To follow the technology and working with professional informatics, software companies are the issues that should not be neglected.
  • For customer trust and loyalty, you must deliver the received orders to the customer within the time you determine.
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