What is B2C Software? | Advantages | Usage Areas

What is B2C Software? | Advantages | Usage Areas

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B2C stands for e-commerce activities carried out for Business to Consumer, that is, from "Company to Consumer". All of the commercial activities of companies towards consumers fall into B2C processes. Businesses that want to carry out qualified trade activities can create a more qualified marketing channel with B2C software.

B2C software is software projects that cover commercial transactions between a business that performs product or service marketing and the end consumer. Businesses carry out their commercial activities through B2C software with all e-commerce channels such as corporate websites and mobile applications. B2C software can also be described as e-commerce software.

All service processes that enable a business to sell through its own website or mobile channels are the subject of B2C software. In the software, customers can order the products or services they need from the company's own website or through web portals and virtual stores that are marketed through other channels.

End consumers can make the payment for the order created by the business on the e-commerce site, by credit card or through different channels. In other words, reliable payment integrations are also provided within B2C software. Since the competitive environment in sales and marketing is increasing day by day, both medium-sized and small-sized businesses need e-commerce software and corporate B2C software to reach the consumer audience.

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What Should Be Considered in B2C Software?

There are some points to consider when choosing B2C software. First of all, a B2C software must be in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In other words, since there is no physical store, the consumer audience can make uninterrupted purchases via the website or mobile application.

The points to be considered in B2C software can be listed as follows;

  • B2C Software Must Be SEO Compatible: Within the scope of B2C software, the website of the institution must be compatible with search engines. As Kumsal Ajans, we produce SEO compatible projects in all our software.
  • Must Offer Payment Method Options: Different payment methods must be available within the B2C software. You can make more sales if you offer different payment methods to customers. Payment method options such as virtual POS of banks, remittance option, payment at the door option should be included in the software.
  • Must Have Advanced Design: It is very important to have advanced design possibilities in B2C software. There should be designs developed with the latest software languages suitable for the industry, with a high user experience, facilitating the experience of reaching and purchasing the product.
  • Social Media Integrations Must Be Found: Social media marketing is a very important channel in e-commerce activities. Social media integrations are necessary when developing B2C software. Thus, more customer traffic can be attracted by linking the website, mobile application and social media accounts.
  • Cargo Management and Tracking Module: B2C software should also have a cargo management and tracking module. In order to avoid problems with the orders received, the infrastructure should also have a cargo management platform. In this way, both the orderers and you can track the cargo. Also, shipping processes take less time.
  • Inventory and Product Management: Product and inventory management should be practical within B2C software. Inventory information should be kept on the interface and many products should be easily tracked. Especially when the number of visitors and the number of products increases, inventory and product management will significantly increase the working performance.
  • Customer Support Service: B2C software developed specifically for your corporate needs should also have support services. As Kumsal Ajans, we always provide active support for personnel training and after-sales problems related to your B2C software.
  • Blog Management and Mail Integration: Apart from social media integration, your e-commerce site should also include blog management and mail integration. Thus, you can communicate with your potential customers via e-mail in the pre-sales and post-sales process. It is very easy in terms of remarketing activities and announcing new products and campaigns. With blog management, you can create quality content, choose organic traffic and attract new customers.
  • Effective Reporting: Data management is very important for B2C software. All necessary integrations must be found to be able to analyze and process customer experiences and feedback. You can get reports for all processes of your website such as traffic and sales.

What are the B2C Software Advantages?

B2C software is a very necessary activity for both small and large businesses. B2C software advantages can be listed as follows;

  • The business can receive orders at any time of the day through marketing channels.
  • It can be reached directly between the customer and the business.
  • Customer requests and demands can be followed up-to-date with the feedback systems available on the website.
  • You can gain competitive power by reaching markets in other cities and foreign countries. Even small businesses can benefit from the marketing opportunities of large businesses.
  • Tool, personnel and time costs for marketing activities can be minimized.
  • Customers can get rid of the necessity of time and place in the shopping experience. The shopping process can be easily completed.

You need to think professionally in B2C software. You need to work with experienced software companies. In order for the customer to trust and create customer loyalty, you need to deliver the orders you receive to your customers as soon as possible. For this, you need a cutting-edge and professional B2C software.

What are the Contributions of B2C Software to E-Commerce Activities?

E-commerce activities are breaking the rules of marketing in our country as well as in the world. Now, even small businesses can reach customers on the other side of the world thanks to their e-commerce activities and can compete with even very large companies. E-commerce activities are carried out through different areas such as e-commerce websites, mobile applications and social media channels.

In e-commerce activities, it is very important that customers can easily shop, navigate the site easily, pay securely and make their purchases in a practical way. For this, businesses resort to B2C software solutions.

The biggest mistake made when purchasing B2C software is purchasing ready-made packages. As the Kumsal Ajans team, we develop B2C software that offers corporate solutions specific to each brand. Thus, we produce software that is directly related to your goals, vision and mission, and the needs of your customer base.

All of our B2C software can be optimized by my team according to your changing needs.

What are B2C Software Usage Areas?

B2C software usage areas are very wide. Companies that carry out product and service marketing activities from all kinds of sectors need B2C software in their e-commerce activities. Every business that physically engages in marketing can choose B2C software when they decide to invest in digital marketing for e-commerce activities.

As Kumsal Ajans, we offer B2C software that meets corporate needs instead of ready-made software. Small, medium and large businesses can benefit from our B2C software solutions whatever their sector.

B2C Software Prices

For detailed information about B2C software prices, you can contact us through our communication channels. As Kumsal Ajans, we do not find ready-made software sales efficient, so we create software from scratch for corporate needs.

You can get support from our team for B2C software specific to your corporate needs, which will increase your sales in your e-commerce activities and enable you to reach your potential customers directly. Let's meet right away and create a B2C writing price offer and present it to you.

Web Software

Web Software

We develop web software projects for your corporate and individual needs. We are implementing software and coding studies that will bring your dream projects to the digital world. First, we listen to your requests in the field of web software and mobile application software. Then, our team start working on the projects based on your demands.

Your project is presented to you after the necessary studies for web design and coding have been performed. After taking reassessing the revisions you want, the final version of your web software project is delivered. Kumsal Agency continues to provide support after web software service is completed.

Let's do the best for your product or service together.

Let's combine our speciality and talent with your product and services.
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