What is Extranet? | What Does It Do? | Usage Areas

What is Extranet? | What Does It Do? | Usage Areas

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Extranet is a network that enables suppliers, customers or other stakeholders to use the same software and protocols over the internet in a business partnership. In other words, it can be described as a corporate intranet extension that uses World Wide Web technology to strengthen communication between suppliers and customers. This network is an access environment that accelerates workflow and increases efficiency.

Enterprises that take the path of institutionalization and businesses with different stakeholders in the service network should not be content with a basic computer network. In a time when the value of information is increasing day by day, businesses should organize their intranet, extranet and internet networks with a professional perspective.

You need to have systems that will provide commercial benefit in tracking customer or supplier transactions in your company's own operations, operations. A corporate website and intranets offer many advantages in nationally operating corporate businesses. However, you should know that you need extranet configuration to make the business process more efficient.

What Does Extranet Do?

The main function of the extranet is a collaborative internet-based network that facilitates intercompany relationships by connecting a business with its suppliers, customers and other external business partners. Thanks to this system, stakeholders in all operations of an enterprise can exchange information and follow-up operations without any physical commitment via internet connection.

The main starting point of the extranet is collaboration between third parties. Every business works with many stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, freelancers and external investors through external resources. These systems allow to create a digital office in external collaboration. A strong and secure internet-based communication system can be created with the authentication methods used in company intranets.

In these systems, stakeholders provide access to the network with different authentication tools using user ID and password. Therefore, it provides a secure and controlled information sharing over the internet. You can consider this system as an extended intranet network. Extranet is one of the biggest assistants of businesses that aim to grow and become institutionalized.

what is extranet what does it do usage areas

What are the Extranet Usage Areas?

Extranet is an internet based information sharing network with different usage areas. This private network can be used for many different purposes. 

We will explain some of the extranet usage areas;

Distribution Network Systems:  Provides effective communication with suppliers and distributors if your business sells products through a distribution network. It provides fast communication between the marketing department and the distributor for many issues such as pricing and new product information.

Dealership Systems: Dealership systems are  increasing rapidly in our country. With the franchise system, it is effective in standardized processes that will be transmitted quickly for many locations spread across different cities and countries. It provides easy dissemination of information to all dealers on many issues such as product information, handbook, manual, advertisement instructions, new corporate applications.

Public Institutions:  Cooperation between public institutions is very important. The extranet is much more secure than a traditional e-mail to make projects between organizations sustainable or to share news securely. It ensures that cooperation is secure.

Professional Chambers and Associations:   Professional associations and associations have thousands of members. It can be a secure internet-based system that will enable communication and information exchange between members. Staff can quickly communicate about corporate communications, legislative changes, and current news. In addition, members can easily communicate within the social flow.

Charities: The  most important sources of income for charities are donations. Therefore, it can be challenging to be able to organize many issues such as venue reservations, treats, orders in organizations that work in an organized way to organize events. For project management, an extranet is a very functional idea.

Financial Advisors and Accountants:  Financial advisors and accountants are facing a very difficult period, especially at the end of the year. Year-end transactions or tax times create great confusion from customer demands and the stack of documents. Therefore, an extranet can be a system that will make the information exchange with customers practical on financial matters. In addition, this system will ensure the security of financial data.

What are the Extranet Benefits for Your Business?

Extranet has great advantages for businesses. Especially for enterprises with corporate and different stakeholders, it helps;

  • Simplifies Information Sharing:  Extranet simplifies information sharing. There may be situations that may be overlooked by e-mail communication. It can also be difficult to constantly search for information in the mail. Documents uploaded with the extranet can stay on one place. Every stakeholder can easily find what they are looking for and what they need to do. It is very easy to share and access information.
  • Document Security Provided:  Information is very important for every business. Since it is in today's data age, one of the most important advantages of extranet is ensuring the security of documents with SSL encryption. You can also limit access to certain areas and files on the system. In other words, there is an absolute control over the system. You can also keep track of which user accessed which file and when.
  • Large Projects Can Be Managed:   Collaboration is made much easier, especially in large projects with remote work status, thanks to the extranet. Users can access common documents they want from their smart phone or computer. Project management becomes very practical. Here you can assign tasks, set calendars and both upload and save documents. Everyone on the system knows the job description and is aware of their responsibilities.
  • No Expertise Required for Use:  Extranet is a practical cloud-based network. In other words, there is no need for expertise or special training to use it. Users can quickly grasp how to use them. It minimizes investments in digital training, especially for small businesses.
  • Strengthens Brand Image:  Today, brand image and institutionalism are two very important concepts. One of the ways to project a professional image to your customers is with a powerful extranet. You need to create a positive impression to build long-term relationships with your customers. You can give your customers the opportunity to have a smooth brand experience even in simple operations such as file sharing and communication.

The Effect of Extranet Network on Branding

Nowadays, even small businesses can choose branding with very simple investments. It is important to take firm steps in branding, especially for businesses that are at the beginning of the road. Intranet software will be sufficient to ensure safe communication and work flow of in-house personnel during the growth of your company. However, if suppliers, customers or other stakeholders are added to the system, you now need internet-based network systems such as extranet.

When a customer starts working with your business and sees a system where everything works perfectly, it will increase the trust in your brand. For branding, information exchange between all stakeholders of the enterprise should be fast and the work flow should be easily followed. In addition, control and dominance over all stakeholders is the key to branding. With Extranet software, you can make information exchange fast, secure and controllable. So you can professionalize and perfect your branding process.

Businesses that do not share information quickly and do not create a corporate image invest in branding in vain. When you use an internet-based communication network that is accessed by special systems such as username and password, you can build your brand on solid foundations. It is very important to add extranet software to your branding budget, especially if you are a brand that wants to spread.

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