What is Human Resources Management Software? | What Does It Do?

What is Human Resources Management Software? | What Does It Do?

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Human resource management software; These are the software that allows controlling the entry and exit of the personnel, personnel personal information and salary tracking, as well as the follow-up of payroll and payroll processes. These software are programs that are necessary for businesses of all sizes and sectors that employ personnel.

Providing a transparent and high-quality work environment to its personnel is among the most important tasks for every business. As the number of personnel in your business increases, the burden of human resources services also increases. Today, many businesses perform their HR operations with human resource management software. These software make the communication and document sharing between the human resources department and other departments more qualified. In addition, employers can manage all official processes of personnel through a single platform.

These software should not be seen as software used only by the human resources department. They also have many advantages in terms of personnel.

As Kumsal Ajans, we develop human resources software suitable for the needs of your business.

what is human resources management software what does it do

Why is Human Resource Management Software Important?

The human resources department has to perform some daily tasks. Making the slightest mistake in these processes may result in an administrative fine for your business. This is where human resource management software comes into play. HR operations that would take hours when done manually can be done in a much shorter time thanks to these systems. Businesses have the chance to follow their human resources processes through a single platform.

Human resource management software becomes a system that works integrated with the ERP system, not a by-product of ERP systems. These software offer the modules that the HR department will need for the accounting and ERP software of the enterprise.

These softwares enable businesses that have more than one personnel in the enterprise, especially those working by relocating their personnel in different locations, to follow the personnel information and legal obligations of the personnel from a single center. Thanks to these software, businesses can perform all payroll preparation processes with a single click.

As Kumsal Ajans, we design HR management software that provides creative solutions to your strategic needs such as recruitment, performance management and training.

What Does Human Resource Management Software Do?

Human resources management software allows you to keep all records and reports of your personnel, from the start of their employment to the time they leave the job, in accordance with legal procedures. In other words, these software provide a great function in the end-to-end management of the operations of the HR department. Accurate keeping, archiving and reporting of records in the human resources department is an area that requires great care.

HR software saves you from these difficulties. You can keep all the records of your business without difficulty. These softwares, which ensure that HR operations are error-free and transparent, also alleviate the workload of HR personnel. You can manage many details from personnel transactions to personnel transactions, from payroll transactions to leave transactions in these software.

Benefits of Human Resource Management Software

The human resources management software developed specifically for your business ensures that repetitive and time-consuming human resources operations are carried out effectively in a much shorter time. In summary, these softwares enable HR processes to be automated.

The benefits of HR management software can be listed as follows;

  • Minimizes manually executed paperwork.
  • It greatly reduces the operational costs of the HR department.
  • It reduces the workload-related stress of HR personnel and increases their working efficiency.
  • The possibility of delays and not being able to arrive on time is eliminated.
  • Dependency on different spreadsheet programs is resolved.
  • The laws that can be used by the personnel within the scope of the incentive can be followed.
  • Follow-up of processes such as annual leave, salary, payroll and advances of the personnel in the enterprise are carried out more effectively.
  • Legal responsibilities in the field of HR can be followed more closely. Thus, the possibility of the enterprise to face administrative fines is eliminated.
  • When the embezzlement module is added, the fixtures and other documents given to the personnel and their usage periods within the scope of occupational safety can be tracked from a single center.

What Modules Are in Human Resources Software?

Among the human resources management software developed by Kumsal Ajans, it consists of modules developed for the needs of your HR department and your business.

Human resource management software features are as follows;

  • Payroll and budget
  • Difference payroll
  • Personal information
  • Zorun Private Pension System
  • Permission management
  • Education process management
  • Embezzlement management
  • PDKS
  • Organization management
  • Union dues management
  • Subsistence management
  • Reporting work accidents and occupational diseases
  • İŞKUR and Safety communication integration
  • Insured employment and leaving notice
  • Severance and notice pay
  • Labor cost calculation
  • Workforce management
  • R&D management module

What are the Features of Human Resources Management Software?

Human resources management software automates many jobs, processes and actions that fall within the scope of the HR department for your business. Some features of human resources software can be listed as follows;

  • Personnel Tracking: Detailed analyzes can be made by creating a report on the work plan of the personnel, shift creation, details of personnel entry and exit times.
  • Payroll Process: You can edit the payrolls and payrolls of the personnel on an individual or collective basis. In addition, you can report the arrangements, take the printout, send it to the managers or send it as an e-mail.
  • Job Application and Visitor Tracking: You can easily track job applications and visitors coming to your business through the system.
  • Human Resources Web Module: You can enable your personnel to access your desired information with their usernames and passwords by accessing your website via this mobile.
  • Performance Management: We can also add a performance management system to your software. In this way, you can measure the working performance of your personnel at regular intervals and make performance optimization. You can also plan the performance management process that will increase its performance.

We plan much more about the human resources processes of your business with our team upon your requests for your sectoral and corporate needs.

what is human resources management software what does it do

The Effect of Human Resources Management Software on the Business Budget

The most important task of the human resources department is to monitor and optimize the working processes, attendance and payroll processes of the personnel. In the past, these processes were carried out manually by human resources departments, including large enterprises. This was a huge cost in terms of both the number of HR personnel and the paper and other materials used.

Human resources processes have become completely digital with human resources management software. HR personnel can carry out all HR processes from a single center. All tracking, planning, reporting, recording and official processes are carried out through a single software. This makes a great contribution to businesses in terms of both time and cost. With HR management software specific to your business, you can reduce your human resources department costs up to 40%.

Human Resources Management Software Prices

You can call us to get information about human resources management software prices. As Kumsal Ajans team, we always focus on developing special software that will meet the needs of our customers.

When you request human resources management software, we develop a special software for you, taking into account the working system of your business, your personnel situation and your HR needs. Many factors such as the number of modules in the software, the programming language of the software, and usage features affect the software budget.

After the work we will do for the prices of HR management software, we offer you a special budget offer.

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Web Software

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