What is Intranet Software? | Usage Areas | What Does It Do?

What is Intranet Software? | Usage Areas | What Does It Do?

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What is Intranet Software? 

Intranet software; These are systems for sharing information and transactions within an institution. These systems work in closed circuit. In other words, a person who is not authorized to the system cannot be connected from outside. This software is preferred in order to facilitate the work flow in a corporate firm or a public institution. In short, it can be considered as an in-house private communication, information sharing and transaction network.

Intranet software can optionally be shared with the internet network. You can also make a planning where you can control the system from outside. Thanks to these systems, your institution's work flow is accelerated. In addition, your work can be carried out systematically, error-free and result-oriented. These systems are also extremely safe in terms of the privacy of your private institution information. Information in your institution becomes closed to outside intervention. In other words, all information flow is maintained within the institution. You can control all traffic that takes place over the intranet software.

Intranet software runs on your institution's own servers. In other words, the information is stored on servers that are completely under your control. If the system is allowed access over the internet, this system takes the name of extranet. Intranet software is specially developed for you according to the needs of your institution.

what is intranet software usage areas  what does it do

What are the Intranet Software Usage Areas?

Intranet software usage areas are very wide. It is software that can be developed for private or public institutions. Institutions that can use intranet software are as follows;

  • E commerce sites
  • wholesalers
  • hospitals
  • Schools
  • District Governorships and Governorships
  • Municipalities
  • Private schools
  • Corporate firms
  • Small or medium sized companies
  • Franchising firms
  • Businesses with multiple branches
  • Shipping companies
  • Companies from all sectors can use intranet software.

It can be used by all institutions that want to ensure the perfect functioning of the intranet software business.

What Does Intranet Software Do?

Intranet software is software that provides your working system and communication network within your organization. This software offers you many facilities for your organization.

Intranet software is a software that offers many benefits for your organization. With this software, you can do as follows;

  • You can provide internal communication.
  • You can easily exchange information within the institution via intranet software.
  • It prevents the private information of your institution from being passed on to third parties.
  • You can easily provide upper and lower communication in your institution. Thus, internal management becomes transparent and practical.
  • You can make different authorizations for each of your staff. Thus, each personnel can only perform the operations in the job description.
  • You can transfer accounts via intranet software so that the accounting accounts are error-free.
  • You can allow all personnel working in your institution to socialize and collaborate by communicating with each other.
  • You can improve the corporate culture.
  • You can strengthen your brand image.
  • You can follow your work by logging into the system regardless of the distance.
  • The human resources department can carry out their work through Intranet software without error.
  • You can store all the information about your business in your own database.
  • You can easily send the necessary documents to the necessary people.
  • You can ensure that a special working system is developed for you.
  • You can complete the orientation processes in a very short time. You can ensure that new personnel start working efficiently immediately.
  • You can monitor the supply status, stock number and distribution system of the products belonging to your company through the intranet software.
  • You can create the workgroups you want.
  • You can create discussion platforms for the institution and allow everyone to defend their opinion freely.
  • You can develop joint work programs.
  • You can communicate with your suppliers and run your business in a professional manner.
  • You can run your virtual shopping service.
  • You can make teleconferences about the institution among the staff.
  • You can keep all the data of your institution.
  • You can give your competitors graphical and textual information including your research on the market you serve.
  • You can add your vacant staff information.
  • You can share all kinds of documents and ensure safe circulation within the organization.

Intranet software accommodates all your needs for the systematic operation of your organization. The most functional aspect of this system is that it can be customized according to your demands and needs. If you want, you can also allow remote connection to the Intranet software by providing an internet connection. Intranet software is an insurance that ensures the continuity of your business and the security of your information.

How to Intranet Software?

The most advantageous aspect of intranet software is that it can be shaped according to the needs of your institution. For intranet software, you first need to get support from a professional software company. First of all, you should specify which needs you will use this software for. At the end of the meeting, the team that listens to you makes the necessary developments and develops a special intranet software that you can use in your organization. With this software, you can get many functionality.

While developing intranet software, precautions are taken primarily for the security of internal information. After the software has been developed, all your personnel must be taken to the orientation process for a certain period of time. In order to learn the new system that they will use in-house, they must undergo a professional training. In this process, the agency that supports you intranet software will also plan your trainings. With this software, you can establish a low-cost communication network.

Why Should You Buy Intranet Software?

Intranet software is a network specially designed for institutions. It allows you to operate in many areas such as in-house communication, document sending and communication. This system only serves to connect computers in an institution or organization and local and large networks. You, too, should buy intranet software to speed up the work flow in your business and complete your corporate formation.

Even if you are a small business, you can create growth targets and enter the branding process with a small investment in today's conditions. In the branding process, management can be difficult as your business begins to grow and your service network expands. You can use intranet software to control the entire system from a single channel.

If you do not want the information in your business to fall into the hands of harmful people, you need to take the necessary precautions. Intranet software, which is a closed circuit system, offers you many advantages in terms of confidentiality of your business information. In addition, this software can be personalized for you in order to ensure fast and permanent communication between the personnel working in your company. Intranet software is among the most preferred systems by small, medium and large enterprises today.

The Effect of Intranet Software on Branding

Branding is when your business becomes known to a wide audience in its industry. For branding, you need to invest in areas such as a corporate website, corporate social media accounts, company logo, brand colors, and a solution-oriented customer service department. In the branding process, one of the biggest problems that small businesses overlook is internal communication.

If you have started to invest in branding in your business, you need a strong system that will allow you to take many elements such as stock status, personnel referrals, work between management levels, personnel interaction. This is where intranet software, one of the hidden but most important heroes of the branding process, comes into play. You can ask a professional team to develop intranet software specifically for you, in order to easily manage your communication between personnel and all your stakeholders. Intranet software can be customized according to your needs, wishes and industry requirements.

Once your brand starts to grow, the management process will be difficult. In order not to have difficulty in mastering all the details, you need to establish a successful management system. Many companies allocate budgets for successful managers in order to strengthen the management level. Even if you have successful managers, you should also be in control of the system. Intranet software allows you to manage all elements for your company from a single center. If you want to take a step towards branding, you should definitely invest in this area, taking into account the returns of intranet software.

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