E-Commerce with Mobile Design

E-Commerce with Mobile Design

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What is mobile design?

Mobile design is a web site view created in the web language as a result of a study called Responsive. This is to make the design displayed on PCs compatible with mobile (mobile phones). Thus, when the user enters the website from the mobile phone, he / she can easily navigate the page without any errors in the slips or encodings.

mobile design, e-commerce with mobile design

Advantages of Mobile Design

We can list many advantages of mobile design applications as follows:

Convenience in web view

When you enter from computers, the website should be longer, more categorized and more detailed. Thus, when the user enters from your mobile phone, you will see your site as simple and elegant and you will be able to put your most used areas in front of the user's eyes. Of course, this site will not create a judgment that you will restrict all the features. All of your features will continue to be active. The goal here is simply to provide a more useful web view to the user.

Earn in Time Zones

Research shows that a lot of users are particularly distressing web addresses. And as a result of reports, mobile usage is more active in certain time periods. Especially in the morning and night hours, the number of users roaming through smartphones increased by 60% compared to previous years. This means that mobile compatible websites will now be more clicked and won. However, if you made your website mobile-compatible. If you did not, these rates will not bring any profit for you.

mobile design, e-commerce with mobile design

Organize Your E-Commerce by User

It is a very necessary phenomenon to set your site or sites as user-oriented. Keeping this phenomenon mobile compatible is one of the most essential principles for you to be more successful. You should ensure that the user navigates freely to your site visually. You must ensure that the user who has given up the extra options in the unnecessary category selections, membership registrations and registration areas will immediately receive the goods or services from your site. You can think about how the user can exchange as soon as they enter the mobile device and join the mobile-compatible E-Commerce. In the first years when smart phones were introduced, 2% web usage was in question and this rate increased by 150%. Almost 30% of these rates are only followed by shopping at mobile compatible e-commerce sites. The remaining 70% ratio remains to a large extent on the PC.

Web Design

Web Design

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