User Experience Secrets in Web Design (UX)

User Experience Secrets in Web Design (UX)

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Web design is gaining importance day by day. With the increase in the number of websites, internet users' options have also increased. This increased option increased the competition of websites. As a result of this competition, the importance of visual design and user experience has increased considerably. The ease of use and simplicity of the designed website has been one of the top priorities in the design. To do this, we need UX web design.

user experience secrets in web design (ux)

If we plan to design a website that focuses on user experience, the first point to be aware of is knowing the user profile. User profile will be the most important criterion in shaping the website. Getting to know the users who prefer the website will create the most general profile of your website. At this point, make sure you know the user profile well. Doing a detailed analysis is extremely important for the website. Knowing the gender of the age range of users is extremely important for you to know the profession they are interested in and to know about the geographic locations and cultures they live in. If you shape your website in the light of this information, users can spend a long time on your website and use it regularly. Analyzing and making changes to the website through analysis made increases your preference.

Making a multipurpose website may seem very advantageous to you. Giving too much information while on the same screen is to your detriment. Unlike web site design with many goals, web site users cause the site to be removed. Make a long-term assessment to avoid this one and create a simple main goal. Redirect web site users to this main goal. Forwarding to this main goal will help you in the long run.

When you design a website, try not to enter multiple text content on the same page. It is your loss to give more information on the same screen. Make brief and brief information. Squeezing users and wasting unnecessary time decreases the likelihood of your website. There should be short and simple information on the page entered, according to the user's preference. Giving the user the most straightforward way will cause the website user to spend more time on your site. Having regular website users should be one of your top priorities.

 If the text content and information you enter on the website are in plain text format, this may be boring to users and may adversely affect the preference of your website. The user does not prefer to read the article he finds boring. The visuality of the text rather than content affects the user. If you keep the entered text content in a shorter summary format and give priority to graphics and media content, the user will appreciate the experience and the user will enjoy staying on the website. Simple graphics and summary input content increases the user reading rate considerably. Font size text format, text content and size supported images and graphics added media contents affect the rate of preference for your website. The use of typography in website design gives the website users a different experience.

The typography, font type, font size, text size, text position, the location and size of the logos, the added graphics and size, background design, media add-ins that are set during the website design should be in harmony with each changed page and form a whole. When website users first enter the site, they create a perception about the site and move on the site with the guidance of this perception. If each page is not in harmony, the user cannot move with this perception and finds the website unusable.

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