What is Google LightHouse? | Why is it used?

What is Google LightHouse? | Why is it used?

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Google LightHouse

PageSpeed Insight, which has been used for many years of performance measurement of websites, has become insufficient on its own due to the fact that the PSI is primarily focused on computer-oriented indexing and has given priority to Google's mobile indexing. In order to respond to this search, Google has introduced its new performance analysis tool, Google LightHouse.

What is Google LightHouse?

Google has released the LightHouse performance analysis tool to improve the quality of its websites and search indexes. Google LightHouse, which can be used with Chrome developer tools and as a Chrome plugin, is a completely open source and an improved performance analysis tool.

what is google lighthouse, why is google lighthouse used

What do you need to know about Google LightHouse?

  • There is a slight difference between the Google Development Tools and the analysis tools designed as Google Chrome Plugin. This difference is as follows; Designed as a Chrome Plug-in, Google LightHouse contains a Light SEO s section that can help you analyze the SEO performanceof your sites.

    Not only your own sites, but also allows you to analyze competing sites.

  • AdBlock, AdBlock PRO plug-ins that block Google codes can cause the Google LightHouse Google Plugin module to run erroneously.

  • Google LightHouse page analyzes are done on the page so you should provide an analysis of all your content, not just the homepage.

  • Google LightHouse, which doesn't have Turkish language support yet, will make Turkish language support available soon.

what is google lighthouse, why is google lighthouse used

What are the Analysis Criteria for LightHouse?

First of all, it is worth noting that although all the criteria are not related to SEO, many factors, from design to page loading speed, are considered. Since Google intends to make the indexes as fast-opening and high-quality websites, only the content alone can be insufficient. At this point, you can use only designs that are faster and faster in your web sites.

The main criteria are as follows;

  • Performance
  • Progressive Web App (PWA)
  • SEO
  • Acessibility
  • Best Practices
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