What is Website Design? Why is it Important?

What is Website Design? Why is it Important?

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What is web design?

Web design is a special design that can be used to display internet browsers in order to introduce individuals or institutions. These designs must be translated into HTML.

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Web design has been the basic and official information tool for businesses and individuals. With the use and speed of Internet usage, it has become easier to transfer high-definition videos and photos to the recipients. In this way, many people out of the house from his ancestors, every hour he could get the necessary information from web pages. For this reason, many companies have increased their web design investments in order to be effective on the internet.


Web design is done under specific guidelines.

Layout: Graphics and text to be used on websites must be in a specific order. The purpose of websites is to enable users to quickly find the information they are looking for at a glance. This can be achieved by a regular, consistent and integrated design.

Color: The color selection depends on the customer's wishes and purpose of use. The character of the person or his / her brand may be reflected by using matching colors.

Graphics: Graphics, icons, logos or photographs for web design. In terms of ease of use, the distance between the graphics should be well adjusted, not in a congested order. It should be positioned in a way that does not affect the speed of the web page.

Font: Using various fonts improves the design quality of a website. Many web browsers can only display fonts that are expressed as '' web-safe fonts '' in a legible way. It would be useful for the current designer to work with fonts in this widely accepted group.

Content: The useful and up-to-date text is very important for the content. Content and design can be used together to improve the site's message. It is quite important to surprise the reader and give them what they are looking for. Thus, users will spend longer time on the site. It should also be noted that the written text used contains keywords related to the content and the appropriate length.

Web Design

Web Design

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