What is Wireframe? | Schema Design

What is Wireframe? | Schema Design

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What is WireFrame ?

If we want a business to function systematically and regularly; we must work on a correct algorithm in a planned way.  No need to write code, the project stages, editing; offers the opportunity to show to the customer and the developers.   In this way, Wir eFrame is actually the architectural framework of a website.

What is a wireframe? What are the usage areas?

What are the main objectives of using WireFrame ?

  • Organizing the page hierarchy in the site is one of the main objectives.
  • To determine the architecture of the web site that will be designed to ensure the design agreement between designers and customers .
  • Before completing the design, it is to determine the functionality and the layout of the page.

Why Do You Need to Use WireFrame ?

The use of WireFrame in the design process has many advantages. Let's examine some of these advantages together.

  • WireFrame makes it easier to understand the design.

With WireFrame you can create an abstract site map of the website with, without logo, without a graphic , and share your plans on the website with your customer. This way, you will not need to change the road map that you are moving from the beginning through the instant changes of the idea.

  • wireframe feedback is used for the acquisition and to speed up this process.

Users, teammates, and strategic partners can review your design at the stage of development and provide feedback to improve the user experience.   The early intervention through the feedback cycle saves you from greater material and moral losses.

  • WireFrame is used in determining the features that should be available on the website.

WireFrame can be used to analyze the content of the pages and the functionality of these pages on the user side. To determine the exact needs and to take a position according to it, you can then: ”This is not what I want, I cannot pay. İhtiyaç   It will save you from hearing the sentence.

  • WireFrame prepares the ground for designs that are faster and affordable costs.

WireFrame is designed for a cheap and fast design. If you are looking for a simpler and cheaper way to use WireFrame , please use pen and paper . With WireFrame you can create your design templates in minutes.

Best WireFrame Tools

These softwares and websites are designed to make your WireFrame even easier and faster.   To make a WireFrame design, of course, you need these sites.   If a good WireFrame If you are looking for tools website, you are the most popular in the past year   WireFrame Tools   3 of our brands have been compiled into a list.

1.MockPlus- A free and easy-to-use WireFrame Tools for your designs .

Mockplus is a very fast and easy-to-use WireFrame tool. The only element that distinguishes it from other means is definitely the fastest. All components are designed to be used before, and visual placement is best done to save time. Interactive prototypes and wireframe to create the desired design template in 5 minutes.

What is a wireframe? What are the usage areas?


2.WireFrame CC- A WireFrame tool for minimal-level designs .

WireFrame.cc is an online WireFrame tool , as its name suggests . This tool is very simple to use, with the toolbar in the interface is ready to meet all your requests. Any components and elements without limits thanks to wireframe.cc design means you can set all the websites you want quickly.

What is a wireframe? What are the usage areas?


3.Balsamiq Mockups - Much more than a simple WireFrame tool for your original designs .

Balsamiq Mockups is a WireFrame tool designed to create unique designs .   You can create very unique and interesting designs even if you do not have WireFrame experience thanks to this tool that contains many features .

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