What is a Hybrid Mobile Application? | What Does It Do? | Usage Areas
Hybrid mobile applications are mobile applications that can run on multiple operating systems.
What is Native Mobile Application? | Usage Areas
Native mobile application is an application designed for a specific device or software. In other words, these applications can only be used by the specified operating systems.
12 Tips for Choosing a Web Design Company
One of the most challenging work for business owners in the new era is building a new website. You should work with successful web design companies to market your business.
What are the Effects of the Coronavirus Process on Digital Marketing?
The year 2020 will take place with many bad events in our memories. Especially since March 2020, the Covid-19 epidemic experienced all over the world deeply affected both countries and many sectors.
What is Intranet Software? | Usage Areas | What Does It Do?
Intranet software; These are systems for sharing information and transactions within an institution. These systems work in closed circuit.
What is Intranet? | What Does It Do? | Usage Areas
intranet; is a web site network specially created for institutions that provides communication and internal communication within an organization. These systems enable the connection of computers and local wide networks within the organization where it is installed.
What is Web Software? | In Which Fields Is It Used?
Web software is the name given to dynamic or static pages that can be viewed through browsers.
What is Digital Marketing? | What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?
Digital marketing is introduced as a marketing method that enables you to deliver your products and services to your target audience on virtual environments, which is much more advantageous than traditional advertising methods.
What is Social Media Consulting? | Benefits
With the development of Android OS and iOS advanced mobile technologies, there are many options in terms of social media.
What is the Importance of Using Social Media for Companies?
Social media management; how to use social media accounts, what steps should be communicated to the masses;
What is SVG? | Usage Areas
SVG as vector image format in Turkish or scalable vector graphics is a vector-based graphical format developed by W3C for speed and convenience in terms of web design.
What is Mobile Application Design? | Why is it Important?
Mobile application design is one of the most effective business branches of our day and has taken investments from many sectors with the increase of usage of mobile devices.
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