What is the Importance of Web Design for the Visitor?
A website can be broadcast to inform its visitors, product promotion, social purposes and many more.
What is B2C? | How Does Integration Happen?
Perhaps the most common and most well-known in e-commerce applications is the B2C (e-commerce to customer) system.
What are the Differences between B2B Integration and B2C Integration?
Trade, which is as old as the history of mankind, has also developed its own language.
What is Influencer Marketing? | Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy; Can be translated into Turkish as impressive marketing.
What is Website Design? Why is it Important?
Web design has been the basic and official information tool for businesses and individuals.
What is B2B? How Does Integration Happen?
B2B is the abbreviation of e Business to Business aca which stands for den Business to Business işlet. Briefly summarizing B2B is a business model of e-commerce from a company or business to another company or business.
2020 Trends in Mobile Website Designs
The change and development of technology also directs mobile designs. Mobile designs that enable users to use mobile in higher performance create special preferences with 2020 trends.
The importance of using colors correctly in web design
Web design companies achieve success in a shorter time. Successful web design will give you extra benefits. For example, web design companies can share all developments with their customers.
What is Wireframe? | Schema Design
If we want a business to function systematically and regularly; we must work on a correct algorithm in a planned way.
What is Google LightHouse? | Why is it used?
Google has released the LightHouse performance analysis tool to improve the quality of its websites and search indexes.
What are the Methods to be Used in E-Commerce Product Marketing?
Social networks are very important for a company that makes marketing in the e-commerce environment.
What are the Effects of Web Design on Seo?
The personal or corporate website as well as the developing world needs everyone.
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