What is Wireframe? What are the uses?
If we want a business to function systematically and regularly; we must work on a correct algorithm in a planned way.
What is Google LightHouse? What are the uses?
Google has released the LightHouse performance analysis tool to improve the quality of its websites and search indexes.
What is the importance of social networks in e-commerce marketing?
Social networks are very important for a company that makes marketing in the e-commerce environment.
The Effect of Web Design on Seo
The personal or corporate website as well as the developing world needs everyone.
What is the importance of mobile-compatible design?
While the habit of using the Internet is known to be quite popular, of course, the web addresses that are designed have many different features.
What should be considered when applying the trademark?
A service or property that distinguishes itself from another business, called some special words or personal names, numbers or letters that contain, as well as many ways that can be reproduced in the way of printing features, the brand name is given.