Digital Design

Digital Design

We carefully prepare all the corporate designs that your brand needs. We offer services and designs for you to create your corporate identity and move your brand awareness to a better level.

The first step of corporate identity design is designing a logo. For corporate identity design; we design the visual face of your brand such as logo, corporate slogan, brochures, promotional products, letterheads and business cards. You can strengthen your brand with right advertising and graphic design.

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The Advantages We Offer

  • We carry out the process of creating your corporate identity design.
  • We design and produce quality promotional products that will make your brand known.
  • You can strengthen your email marketing strategies.
  • We can create corporate social media accounts for your brand.
  • We design a logo that will strengthen your brand.


It is the work carried out for the promotion of your business, products and services. Catalog design is made in accordance with the corporate identity of your brand. High quality and interesting images are selected in catalog design and presented in harmony with the typeface.

Your corporate colors are included in your catalogs so that your brand will become more memorable. As a result, all aspects of your products and services are transferred to the person who examines them.

Catalog cover design, inner page design, content creation, visual selection, internal typesetting and final controls are meticulously carried out to add value to your brand.

The printing process will be done by Kumsal Ajans by preparing catalogue designs in the dimensions and features that you want.

Social Media Kits

Social Media Kits

Elements such as sharing plan, cover design, profile picture design, content sharing layout will reflect your brand's corporate identity in social media accounts.

Social media kits create your brand's corporate identity and brand image on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Social media kits will increase trust and demand in your brand as well as strengthen brand-customer interaction



Daybook is among the most effective promotional products that will strengthen your brand image and reflect your corporate identity. High quality cover and page designs are crated to strengthen the corporate image.

Daybooks that you can distribute to your customers and business partners every year can be designed in any size you want and printed for you.



E-mail notifications that reflect your corporate identity and introduce your brand to your target audience. You can reach your target audience at the lowest cost with professional newsletter design. Developments, campaigns and product promotions about your brand are notified to your customers via newsletter.

Newsletters contain written content, images, vector illustrations, and animated multimedia content. You can carry out your e-mail marketing activities with newsletters. You can reach your potential customers with the remarketing strategy.

Corporate elements representing your business such as brand colors and corporate logo can be included on newsletters.

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