In order to make your business promotion better, we do photo shooting and production.

(Influencer Marketing) With our efficient marketing service, we promote your business or products via social media celebrities’ accounts.

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  • We can promote your products and services with a more efficient way.
  • All the editing, assembly and supporting performer needs of the shooting is fulfilled by us.
  • We provide social media phenomena promote you.
Professional Photo Shooting

Professional Photo Shooting

Professional photo shootings of your product, place and company can be made. Product shootings must be realised in the studio environment. If it is not possible to bring the products to the studio environment, the shooting also can be realised with the studio equipments in the environment that products stay on. Photo shooting is made with different lenses depending on the size of the product. Place and corporate photo shootings are realised after the setting up of the studio equipments, doing correct light settings and determining the shooting time. After the photo shooting, the necessary arrangements and adjustments are made in the photos and then they are delivered.

Corporate Promotion Film Shooting

Corporate Promotion Film Shooting

This is the video shooting to promote your company's services or products. Before the shooting transactions, scenario about the shooting must be fictionalised. The promotion film shooting is made with the fictionalised scenario. Created promotion film is made ready after the dubbing and assembly transactions. Shooting operations can be made at the desired location. 

Shooting can be realised  with drone, camera and supporting characters. Immediately afterwards, if requested, it is provided that it is shared on your social media accounts.

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