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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital consultancy allows your brand to be known among users across the internet. With digital consultancy service, it is possible for your brand to reach a wider audience in the online environment, to establish brand reputation, and to increase brand awareness.

Kumsal Agency Team is always by your side for increasing the true potential of your brand by determining e-commerce strategies, creating advertising budgets as well as managing digital marketing crisis. With digital consultancy, your marketing budget is used in the most efficient way possible.

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The Advantages We Offer

  • You can create a corporate brand.
  • You can increase your brand awareness.
  • You can diagnose the trust of your customer base in your brand.
  • You can increase your e-commerce revenues.
  • You can reach a wider audience with lower costs.
  • You can create brand loyalty.
  • You can have social media influencers promote your products and services.
  • You can increase the sales capacity of your e-commerce websites.
Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

With impressive marketing, we ensure that your products, services and your brand are promoted on social media accounts of social media influencers. People with a high number of followers on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Periscope convey their experiences about your products and brand to their followers by creating interesting content.

With impressive marketing support, your products are delivered to more people. You can harness the power of popular social media users to make your brand much stronger. Advertising content is created in the promotion of your product and brand, the right social media platform is selected and the social media phenomenon suitable for your brand goals is determined.

E-Commerce Consultancy

E-Commerce Consultancy

With e-commerce consultancy, your products and services can reach more people. Primarily by Kumsal Agency; your industry, products and services, and potential customer behaviors are analyzed. Then, an E-commerce marketing strategy is created.

Customer experiences are improved in e-commerce activities. Optimization studies are carried out to increase conversion rates on your website, social media accounts and other e-commerce platforms.

In e-commerce consultancy service, you can get support in all areas such as search engine optimization, social media account management, content marketing strategy development and implementation, digital advertising activities, building brand reputation, customer satisfaction, etc.

Social Media Consultancy

Social Media Consultancy

A wider audience can be reached on social media platforms with social media consultancy. It is ensured that you reach more people by creating a corporate social media account, creating a content strategy, and organizing posts that will provide interesting visuals and interactions.

Social media consultancy services are carried out with target audience, competitor and sector analyzes. During the time periods when the target audience is active, the interaction rate of your social media accounts is increased by regularly sharing interesting content.



Search engine optimization is the process that involves performing necessary improvements in the website to be at the top of the results pages and to maintain that position. First of all, various analyzes are made on the internal structure of your website. In line with the reports prepared, mistakes that do not comply with the search engine criteria are corrected to yield better results.

After your website complies with the search engine rules, promotion activities are carried out to make it popular. Before SEO work; Competitor analysis, sector analysis, keyword analysis, target audience analysis are performed.

Optimizations are made to increase the user experience on your website. Search engine optimization is a process as a whole. Data analysis should be conducted from a professional point of view and should be acted on the right timing based on the collected data. With SEO strategy creation, implementation and development, your website can be ranked higher. It should not be forgotten that search engine optimization is a dynamic process.

Brand Consultancy

Brand Consultancy

With brand consultancy, you can strengthen your position in related industry and easily reach wider audiences. Thanks to corporate identity creation, effective promotional campaigns, and successful digital marketing strategies; you will be able turn your brand into a leading one in its sector.

We will conduct an in-depth analysis of your brand before starting brand consultancy. Next, Sector analysis is made with the target audience and a branding strategy is created. Later, every single aspect of our work such as creating vision and mission, brand registration procedures, creating a brand corporate identity, increasing brand awareness and gaining brand value will be implemented.

With professional brand consultancy, you can grow faster, become a leader in your industry, increase your earnings, ensure customer satisfaction, reach a wider audience and create a successful corporate identity.

Server Management Consultancy

Server Management Consultancy

It is the process of controlling the software and services on your servers, performing intervention if necessary, monitoring and applying updates, and ensuring that the server works perfectly.

Service tracking is performed on the servers, server optimizations are carried out and software problems on the servers are resolved as soon as possible. Management, operation and data backup of server infrastructures are also performed.

Server management consultancy ensures the security of the servers against adverse situations. Necessary interventions are immediately made to the servers in case of security breaches.

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