Umuda Koşanlar

Gamze Ozcelik’s beneficial association web software and design operations still in process.
Umuda Koşanlar 1
Umuda Koşanlar 2

Umuda Kosanlar Dernegi, which is the beneficial association of Gamze Ozcelik, UX(User Experience web site design and web site software operations was completed. Business process monitoring software operations still in process.

What did we do for the Umuda Kosanlar?

  • Kumsal Panel Integration
  • UX(User Experience) Web Design
  • Web Software (Donation cart, Regular Payment System)
  • Business Process Monitoring Software (in process)
  • Accounting Panel Software (in process)
  • User Portal
Umuda Koşanlar 3
Umuda Koşanlar 4

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