Web Design

Web Design

We create website designs for your available or newly established business to give it a modern corporate identity.

We can create web designs (e-commerce design, corporate website design, UX user experience web design) that are suited for the structure of your business.

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The Advantages We Offer

  • Integration of our management system "Kumsal Panel"
  • Web design studies that offer enhanced user experience (UX)
  • Website design compatible with mobile devices
  • Functional and easily managed management panel
  • Infrastructure solution, offering multi-language support
  • Wireframe system
  • High rated websites on Google Lighthouse
Corporate Website Design

Corporate Website Design

We create website designs with a modern texture that are compatible with the working system, vision, mission and corporate structure of your business. In all our web design projects, we focus on making your visitors’ actions on your website easy to perform and have them reach your brand more easily. Also, a search engine friendly typeface is chosen and the website is designed to host your corporate identity.

All websites include compatibility with mobile devices and tablets. Kumsal Agency uses its own content management system "Kumsal Panel" in its web design projects. “Kumsal Panel” is a system free of unnecessary codes. With the multi-language support in the management panel, you can use any language you want on your website.

In our corporate web design projects, SSL security certificate is provided free of charge to ensure website security. You can have a personalized website with special designs for your brand in line with your requests.

E-Commerce Website Design

E-Commerce Website Design

Kumsal Ajans also runs e-commerce site projects where you can reach your potential customers and make sales on the internet. On the e-commerce site, all bank and intermediary firms’ integrations are carried out.

E-commerce site designs are suitable for professional web design elements. We produce a design project that is compatible with your industry and the structure of the products you sell. Attention is paid to color harmony and corporate color use in web design projects.

E-commerce sites are designed to be compatible with mobile devices, tablets and modern internet browsers. With a website free of unnecessary coding load, you can have an e-commerce site with high page loading speed.

SSL security certificate is offered free of charge to ensure the security of your website. Your e-commerce site can be optimized to meet your specific demands.

Mobile Application Design

Mobile Application Design

We can design all your needed mobile application layouts. All of our mobile application designs are UX(User Experience) designs. Before we do the mobile application design drawings, all design schema and operation system is specified and desired structure is completely determined. And thereafter, your job is much easier.

Portfolio Website Design

Portfolio Website Design

Portfolio website design allows you to showcase your most remarkable projects, products and services. You can present your work, products and services on the website with an aesthetic and stylish design.

With online portfolios, your potential customers can easily examine your expertise. Portfolio website is compatible with all mobile devices and tablets. You can easily share your corporate identity, work, location, and contact information thanks to the easily managed "Kumsal Panel".

Portfolio website design and projects are exhibited in a professional order. Thanks to the strong infrastructure, you can upload your works without any problems. You can customize the size of images on the system and display your works in any order you want.

The portfolio website is designed with compatible color options. Search engine friendly fonts are used. SSL certificate providing site security is offered free of charge in all website projects. You can strengthen your brand authority with customizable portfolio website design projects.

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