What is Social CRM? | Advantages

What is Social CRM? | Advantages

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Social CRM is businesses integrating their customer relationship management (CRM) strategies into their social media activities. Every business uses social media to communicate directly with their customers. Social media is a very effective channel for businesses that want to optimize their interactions with their customers.

We Are Social 2021 Turkey Social Media Usage report is as follows;

  • There are 76.89 million mobile device users in Turkey. This is 90.8% of the population.
  • There are 65.80 million internet users in Turkey. 77.7% of the population uses the internet.
  • There are 60 million social media users in Turkey. This rate is 70.8% of the population.
  • Social media users increased by 11% compared to 2020.

Taking action from the above information, it is seen how important the use of social media is. Social media platforms are becoming more and more focus in marketing activities day by day.

Social CRM is born with the combination of traditional CRM tools and social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, Tiktok. Businesses should actively use social media in order to achieve success in their marketing activities.

Collaboration with social CRM is essential if you want your business to be successful. With traditional CRM programs, you can collect data about your customers. But social media platforms offer the most up-to-date data. With Social CRM, you can collect and analyze the most accurate information about your customers.

You can work with Kumsal Ajans team to properly use the power of social media in customer relationship management.

What are the Social CRM Advantages?

Social CRM is a term that has just started to be heard in the marketing field in recent years. In fact, many small and medium-sized businesses today are trying to implement social CRM policies without knowing it. You can make this process more systematic with professional consultancy service.

Social CRM advantages can be listed as follows;

  • Social CRM provides businesses with a real-time source of information. By analyzing data about your target audience, you can develop effective strategies to reach them. You can meet all the expectations of your customers at the highest rate and become very advantageous in finding new customers.
  • You can collect detailed information about your current customers and potential customers from social media. Thus, you can optimize your ads and campaigns to meet the expectations of your customer base.
  • Social CRM allows you to easily access hard-to-reach information about customers such as lifestyle and demographics. so you can more easily create the right marketing methods and customer-specific campaigns. So social CRM offers your business the ease of creating personalized marketing campaigns.
  • You can instantly find out what people think and talk about your products and services on social media. Thus, you can easily meet the expectations about your products and services.
  • Social CRM offers businesses the opportunity to get the fastest and most up-to-date feedback. By receiving instant feedback, you can immediately intervene in customer requests and complaints and ensure customer satisfaction at the first time.

Kumsal Ajans offers you professional social CRM consultancy services.

What are the Differences between Traditional CRM and Social CRM?

Traditional CRM is a management strategy that will make the relations with customers harmonious and consistent in all departments in order to increase the profits of the enterprise and will enable to use the latest technology in customer relations. The applications you can implement and the data you can obtain in traditional CRM are more limited than in social CRM.

In traditional CRM, activities such as e-mail marketing and telephone marketing can only be done with existing customers at certain times of the day and dates. In Social CRM, you can communicate with your potential customers on social media 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In traditional CRM, there is only a one-way communication process from the company to the customer. However, in social CRM, companies can interact with customers. In other words, customers can contact your business as they wish.

How to Make Social CRM?

Social CRM makes marketing plans in accordance with the needs and wishes of the target audience analyzed over the internet and social media. In the social CRM process, potential customers and existing customers can be contacted through the website and social media platforms. From here, surveys can be created where customers can convey their requests, requests and compliments. In other words, you can easily see the relationships of customers with the business actively on social media.

You can get instant feedback from customers. However, it should be ensured that the feedback obtained is processed correctly and turned into an active data. Information from different channels for the same customer can be combined and the latest data can be kept up to date at all times. In this way, you can create personalized marketing activities.

In Social CRM, you can group your customers according to certain characteristics. You can easily do this with Kumsal Ajans tools. In this way, your company can develop a marketing policy in line with customer demands.

Many tools and technologies can be used together in Social CRM. Social CRM is a process that you can optimize with the consultancy of Kumsal Ajans, apart from a tool. We also train your team and enable you to professionally manage customer relations in social media within yourself.

Businesses that can read social media successfully can market their products and services more effectively and achieve great success in building brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Why is Social CRM Important?

With the social media becoming so much part of life, there have been some changes in customer relationship management (CRM), as in every field. A concept called social CRM emerged. With social media, information moved very fast and consumption became very fast. In this situation, it was seen that traditional CRM systems could not meet the needs of brands and customers. Businesses started investing in social CRM alongside traditional CRM.

In our country, as in the rest of the world, consumers are becoming social consumers. Consumers of all age groups started to use social media actively. The most important source of access for businesses has been social media platforms.

Time constraints are among the most important reasons for using social CRM. Businesses take a long time to reach and return customers in traditional CRM. With Social CRM, these processes can be instantaneous. A business should be able to respond to customer demand in 20-30 minutes. Businesses are expected to do the same, as customers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With social CRM, date and time disappear and access to customers becomes very practical.

What are the Points to Consider While Making a Social CRM?

If businesses want to be successful in social CRM, there are some points they should pay attention to. One of the most important points in this regard is the principle of transparency. Processing should always act with the principle of transparency on social media platforms as well. Incomplete, incorrect and implicit answers to the customer can lead to failure in social CRM.

On social media, businesses are trying to get everyone to hear compliments from customers. However, on the contrary, he tries to hide his complaints from everyone. Businesses should not hide the complaint and the responses to the complaint from the customers. No customer wants the comments made on their website and social media accounts to be deleted. Instead of classical answers, a sincere, sincere and transparent return can satisfy the customer.

The social CRM strategy should also be determined correctly. The communication strategy of the brand, the strategy of interaction with the customers should be determined professionally. According to the correct data, the customer should be contacted in the most appropriate way. The social CRM strategy will not be the same for every business. The business sector varies in size and customer base. It would be right to seek professional consultancy in the process of determining, implementing and analyzing the strategy in Social CRM and implementing the necessary strategy changes.

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