Scooter Applications: Time to Explore the City
E-Scooter işi, endüstriler arasında en hızlı büyüyen işletmelerden biridir. Dünyanın dört bir yanındaki işletmeler, E-Scooter işi aracılığıyla taşımacılık sektöründe bir devrim getiriyor.
Room Rental Applications: Comfortable Stays
Airbnb is a third-party platform that brings together hosts who want to rent a room globally and travelers who are going to rent a room. Especially with the pandemic, the increase in hotel prices in our country, many tourists are looking for different alternatives.
Market Order Applications: Quick and Convenient Shopping
Grocery ordering practices are trending among people and this industry is expected to continue to grow upon demand.
Car Rental Applications: Enjoy the Taste of Freedom
People are showing more interest in safe travel options, especially with the pandemic. For this reason, they stay away from public transport while traveling within the city or between cities.
Real Estate Software: Your Dream Home Awaits
We see a great development in the real estate sector in Turkey, especially in recent years. Although there are industry giants in this field in our country such as sahibinden and Emlakjet , some new applications and local applications have started to become very popular.
Price Comparison Applications: Snagging the Best Deal
The price comparison application allows its users to compare the prices of one or similar products from many vendors / retailers.
Discount Tracking Applications: Don't Miss Out on Opportunities!
People always want to take advantage of discounts and follow affordable products while shopping online. At this point, the tendency towards the applications that serve is quite high.
Pregnancy Tracking Applications: Information Guide for Mothers
There is an intense change process in the pregnancy period of expectant mothers. For the health of both the baby and the expectant mother, the pregnancy period should be followed closely.
Social Media Agencies: Strengthening Communication
A social media agency is a creative company that develops and executes social media marketing strategies and campaigns for clients.
Website Renovation: When and Why Should it be Done?
If your website looks a bit outdated, you should probably work with a graphic designer or web developer for the redesign.
What is SEO? | Effective SEO Techniques
SEO (Search engine optimization) is a set of efforts to improve a website to increase its visibility as people search for products or services.
What is a Digital Marketing Agency? | What are its Services?
Digital marketing agencies, unlike traditional advertising agencies, are agencies that carry out marketing activities in all online and digital channels that can be used on the internet.
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