What is the Importance of Social Media Usage for Firms?
Social media management; how to use social media accounts, what steps should be communicated to the masses;
What is social media management and what are its benefits?
Social media management; It is the name given to how the pages and accounts in the virtual world should be used when using it, how to follow the paths, what methods should be applied in case of any situation, how the brand promotion and management should be and in a regular and harmonious way.
What is Mobile Application?
With the introduction of the first iPhone and iOS operating system, the demand in smart phones has reached the stage.
What is SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)?
SVG as vector image format in Turkish or scalable vector graphics is a vector-based graphical format developed by W3C for speed and convenience in terms of web design.
What is Mobile Application Design? How is it done right?
Mobile application design is one of the most effective business branches of our day and has taken investments from many sectors with the increase of usage of mobile devices.
Mobile Application Construction Stages
Mobile applications have become a very important place with the increasing use of smart devices in daily life and started to be used in commercial area.