Information About E-Commerce

Information About E-Commerce

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Electronic Commerce is a sales system that has become very popular in our country as well as all over the world. Potential customers are all purchase and payment transactions between the necessary suppliers and your corporate partners for the respective products or services.

How does the process work in electronic commerce?

  • Before trading, related companies are informed by doing research
  • All companies meet in virtual environment
  • Necessary steps are taken for payment transactions
  • Commitments to customers are realized. The delivery of the products or services to the relevant customers and providing the necessary after-sales support network is provided.

What are the commercial activities in e-commerce?

  • Purchase and sale of products or services in electronic environment
  • Establishing the chain of products and projects of the sectoral productions
  • Promotion and advertising projects in all sectors
  • Instant and fast order processing
  • Establishing an official environment for agreements
  • Realization of all bank transactions in electronic environment
  • Customs clearance
  • Monitoring of production stages of products
  • Monitoring of transport operations
  • Engineering projects with common projects
  • Public purchase and sale transactions
  • Electronic operating operations
  • Shares transactions in electronic environment
  • Saving and viewing business transactions
  • Direct selling systems
  • Electronic notary operations
  • Instant information exchange
  • Electronic tax audits and transactions
  • Property transfers
  • About E-Commerce Steps
  • Product / Service

The first material required for e-commerce is to create strategies to sell products or services in electronic environment in a fast and effective manner.

Plan / Project

Electronic Commerce is a virtual sales system. You must process invoices for products or services that you sell in a virtual environment through your corporate company. All of your business responsibilities are made through your company. We can list the necessary elements for an E-Commerce business that can be prominent in the sector:

Procurement Phase

At this stage, the products or services you want to sell should be delivered to the customer as soon as possible. You must determine how and how fast you can deliver this phase with your temporary or permanent stocks.

Idea Phase

In order to sell your products or services to the target audiences, you must be able to highlight your qualifications which can make a difference compared to other E-Commerce companies. Your difference can be a campaign or campaign chain, as well as easy and fast forms of payment, or products or services that are not easily accessible.

Payment Stages

Research shows that the most frequently studied cases of users who are shopping on the internet are the payment methods and security elements of the site. For this reason, you should take all possible security steps of your website and obtain global security certificates.

Secrets of Success in Electronic Commerce

What we are going to say in this section is not very long, but the meaning is very deep. Although there are a lot of main topics, from the steps necessary for the sale of the products or services you have made through your website to the steps necessary for your business to be more productive and profitable, we wanted to summarize them briefly.

Easy Accessibility

Your user / audience should definitely find what you are looking for through your website easily and surely in a short time.

Comparison System

Your users may experience a conflict between your products or services. And this contradiction may result in your site leaving without receiving a product or service. To minimize this risk, there must be an option to compare your products or services. This option should be able to perform such inspections in a short time between features and price.

Importance in Design

Many researches have revealed that the design of the website is perceived as a first priority by the users. Therefore, you should make your design simple and effective. You should create visuals of your products in a short time and quickly and you should be able to watch them. Your images should definitely have price information. Non-price visuals will enable the user to make more mouse movements and speed up the process of getting bored from your site. The product should be able to reach your network in a short time and quickly find what you are looking for at the same rate.

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