10 Tips for Developing a Successful Mobile Application

10 Tips for Developing a Successful Mobile Application

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According to the We Are Social 2020 report, there are 5.14 billion mobile device users in the world. Devices such as smartphones and tablets are in the mobile device class. This rate constitutes 67% of the world's population on average. These statistics show how important mobile applications have become.

There are hundreds of thousands of mobile applications in mobile markets such as Google Play and Apple Store. Smartphone users spend at least a few hours a day using the internet. Therefore, mobile application development is vital, especially for businesses operating in the field of digital marketing.

Mobile applications are preferred by smartphone users for many purposes such as gaming, education, research, and purchasing. Currently, there are nearly 3 million mobile applications on the Google Play Store. In Apple Store, this number is over 2 million. As such, successful mobile application development becomes very important in order to stand out from the competition.

Here are 10 tips for developing a successful mobile application;

10 tips for developing a successful mobile application

1. Qualified Target Audience Analysis Should Be Done

In order for a mobile application to be successful, it must be well known by whom it will be used. For this, qualified target audience analysis should be done. You cannot expect success from the mobile application without knowing the behaviors and habits of the audience you want to reach with your mobile application.

While analyzing the target audience, a large number of demographic data such as gender, age, location, education level should be collected. Then, a holistic analysis should be done by examining user behavior and complaints.

It will be useful to narrow your target audience while analyzing. Although this idea may seem negative to you, operating in a niche area will increase the usage rate of your mobile application, even if your target audience is narrow.

2. User Experience (UX) Should Be Prioritized

The number of unrivaled sectors in the mobile application world is very few. Now, there is a certain level of competition in every sector, good or bad. For a successful mobile application, user experience should be at the forefront. Remember, if the user experience is not liked when users download your mobile app to try it out, another competitor's mobile app can be downloaded immediately.

In order to keep the user experience at the highest level, you should develop a dynamic mobile application. You can always achieve success by updating your mobile application, taking into account the changing user demands. However, you can also lose users by making continuous updates. That's why you should make user experience updates at your discretion.

3. You Should Know Your Competitors Well

The main starting point in the mobile application is the needs and demands of the target audience. However, in order to develop successful mobile applications, you should know your competitors well. Analyze the mobile applications serving in your industry in detail. Try to get ahead by determining the aspects in which it is successful.

Identify aspects where your competitors have failed with competitor analysis. If you offer effective solutions to your user base in areas where your competitors fail, you can have a more successful mobile application than your competitors.

4. Develop an Aesthetic Mobile Design

Aesthetics and attractiveness are everything in the mobile application design process. A strong design is a situation that increases your brand authority. Users are turning more to mobile applications with beautiful design.

In mobile application, fonts should be aesthetic and readable, and the choice of colors should be aesthetic. Users should not get into color confusion while using the mobile application. That's why you should catch a professional elegance in mobile application design.

5. Get Professional Mobile Application Design Support

In the mobile application development process, you should choose your business partners very well. Get mobile application support by working with an agency that has previously been involved in large projects and has a strong infrastructure. A team that can provide instant solutions to your needs, understand and respond to your demands is the key to developing successful mobile applications.

If your mobile application is coded and developed by an experienced team, you can be more successful in reaching your target audience. Also, choose to work with a company that will always support you in mobile application design.

6. Choose The Mobile Technology That Will Answer Your Demands

While developing mobile applications, it is important to be able to choose a mobile application technology that will meet your demands. Your options for this are as follows;

  • Native mobile applications are native applications specific to a particular platform. These are applications specific to the iOS or Android operating system only. These applications are coded specifically for certain platforms. It is supported by only one operating system.
  • Hybrid mobile app is known as hybrid app. It can work on all mobile devices and operating systems. It promises cost-efficiency. In these applications, the user experience can be limited, but can be developed quickly and can represent you in different mobile markets.
  • If you want both a native and a hybrid mobile application, you can request mobile technologies such as Reach Native or Flutter that are used to code native applications across platforms. It is a method that will provide local advantages in more than one operating system with a limited budget.

7. Make Sure You Have a Secure Mobile App

One of the elements of having a successful mobile application is that your mobile application is secure. Remember that you store critical data such as payment transactions, banking transactions, access keys and personal data in the mobile application. Therefore, take the necessary security measures for your mobile application.

In your mobile application, you can take many security measures such as local database encryption, cache and API communication, cryptographic key management, user session authorization. You can ensure that the most efficient security measures are taken according to the type of your mobile application and the suggestions of your business partners.

8. Make Your Updates Based On The Feedback You Receive

Developing successful mobile applications alone is not enough. Note that although the mobile application may seem successful at first glance, over time, users may abandon your mobile application. Consider user feedback in all updates for this. Updates that are not useful to users will not be enough for you to maintain success.

Consider data from analyzes before updating. Analyze continuously for the audience using your mobile app. You can easily get feedback with policies such as feedback form, NPS request. You can also use mobile application analysis platforms. If users know they are being taken into account, their loyalty to your mobile app will increase.

9. Create a Marketing Strategy for Your Mobile App

An important factor that brings the success of a mobile application is effective marketing strategy. Before developing your app, work on marketing strategies that will keep people informed. Successful mobile applications are well promoted before entering the store.

By identifying the highlights of your mobile application, make sure that you have marketing experts in your team. Then, during the launch process of your application, make sure that it is downloaded with curiosity by your potential target audience. Use different marketing tools and marketing techniques. Have pre-launch, launch, and post-launch marketing strategies.

10 tips for developing a successful mobile application

10. Use the Power of Social Media

Social media is a very effective channel for finding organic users for your mobile application and increasing the number of downloads of your application. If you promote your application on many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, you can create excitement and create brand awareness.

In social media, first create a corporate business account of your mobile app. Then, get users interested in your mobile app by allocating a special budget for social media ads.

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