ERP Software

ERP Software

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ERP Software

ERP software is software that enables you to carry out daily business activities of your business such as accounting, purchasing, project management, risk management, and supply chain. With the software specially developed for your business, you can plan the financial results of your business, make budget estimates and perform corporate performance management by reporting.

For the holistic management of your business, you can connect many business processes with ERP software and get access flow between different business processes. It collects data shared in different departments in your business from multiple sources, thus preventing duplication of data.

Correct use of data is very important in the management of an enterprise. Small or large enterprises can carry out their corporate management process smoothly with special software.

A significant part of the software used by operational businesses does not go beyond helping you perform your daily business processes. These software cannot help you grow your business for the future.

As your brand's needs take shape and begin to expand, that is, as they grow, your systems should start to adapt to this process. In this process, smart software such as ERP will be very efficient for your company.

Why is ERP Software Important?

ERP software is not a software that contains a complete solution for all business processes. However, your processing can benefit from these software in making data-oriented decisions and making the business process efficient. ERP software can provide effective solutions in many business processes of your business;

  • Finance: ERP software always enables you to make qualified evaluations about the financial condition of your business. Thanks to these systems, you do not need to waste time entering daily financial information manually. These software are very effective in tracking data on the legal compliance of your brand.
  • HR: Human resources are getting digital with each passing day. Since human resources is a field based on data, ERP software is very functional in this field. It provides effective results in all HR processes such as data management, payroll transactions, recruitment. It is also effective in many HR areas such as monitoring the performance of employees.
  • Production and Manufacturing: It allows you to see how much your business will respond to your customers' demands. You can manage your resources effectively by accessing real-time production and manufacturing data. In this way, you can implement processes such as production planning optimization, cost management and project management.
  • Supply Chain: If you are trying to keep track of the inventories in your warehouse by entering them manually, you are at the very beginning of the road. You can save time and cost by automating this process with ERP software. You can easily manage inventory management with these software.

Why Are Businesses Afraid Of Using ERP Software?

Although ERP software is very efficient and functional software for businesses, some companies are hesitant about ERP software. The main reason for this is that these companies have some misunderstandings about ERP software.

Here are the misunderstandings of businesses regarding ERP software;

1.They Believe You Cannot Choose the Right ERP Software for the Business

Some businesses are unsure whether the ERP software they choose will be the right choice for them, but you don't have to find the perfect software for your business. Because ERP systems can be customized according to your industry and business needs. The ERP system provides you the convenience of collecting all of your current business processes on a single platform.

2.They Think that ERP Revision Is High Cost

The reason why many businesses do not prefer ERP software is that revisions for these software are high cost. This is a very wrong perception. Because the modules in ERP software are purchased entirely for the business needs of your business. Thus, you do not have to pay large amounts of money to large-scale software without knowing whether it will work or not.

3.They Are Afraid Of Losing Their Existing System

One of the fears of businesses that do not want to prefer ERP software is that they do not want to leave the systems they currently use. Often, however, these systems are dysfunctional for future growth. ERP software offers you great solutions for future growth.

How Do You Know That You Need ERP Software?

Are you having a hard time deciding whether your business needs an ERP software? If you are struggling with your current system and you cannot get efficiency from the current system for your future, then you need ERP software.

The main factors that show that you need ERP software are as follows;

1. Your Basic Knowledge Will Not Allow You to Grow

You can earn a lot in your current business situation and your business processes can run flawlessly. However, you also have to think about the future of your business. If your existing systems and software do not allow you to expand in your market, it's time to quit. If your existing systems have begun to set limits on your ability to grow globally, it is time to meet with ERP software.

2. You Are Tired Of Dealing With Different Systems

Systems also change in parallel with the development of technology. Existing systems begin to lose their functionality over time due to the development in the field of marketing and in many sectors. Isn't your accounting software compatible with your old HR system in your current system? Can't you interpret your supply chain and HR process? In this process, it would be appropriate to apply to ERP software in order to avoid wasting time and resources and not to get tired in vain.

3.You can not meet the expectations of your customers.

Your customers' needs will change over time. When your existing system cannot meet the changing customer needs, it is time to invest in a new software. Remember that if you don't meet the needs of your customers, you will lose your competitors. Therefore, in order to meet customer expectations, you should switch to ERP software as soon as possible.

4. Your Staff's Work Efficiency Has Decreased

One of the biggest dangers waiting for your business is the decrease in the work efficiency of the personnel. In this case, you have to do something for your staff to be successful. If your current system slows down your business processes and loses time to your staff, you should start trying ERP software and give your staff the success they want.

If you as a business owner, your managers, staff and customers want a new system, it is time to switch to ERP software. It would be wrong to fight for this and avoid innovations. In the process, as Kumsal Ajans team, we can plan a demo ERP software for you to see its efficiency.

ERP Examples from the World

If you are still hesitant to switch to ERP software, we will present you leading examples of ERP software in the world.

Oracle Corp acquired a relational database that was integrated into ERP software developed by SAP before effectively entering the broader corporate market in the early 2000s. The company had the chance to instantly detect accounting errors related to its inventory. It saved financially by eliminating the costs associated with hiring third parties by evaluating its financial records.

Fulton & Roark, which produces men's grooming products, successfully implemented ERP software in order to monitor inventory and financial data more effectively. The North Carolina Company started using spreadsheets to record financial data and to monitor inventory and accounting software, as in dozens of other businesses.

Cadbury, a global confectionery manufacturer, also successfully implemented ERP software tailored to its needs. Dozens of systems that could not keep up with the rapid growth process and ineffective warehouse management systems were causing financial losses. In addition, their previous systems led to excessive product production. The company that switched to ERP software was able to combine thousands of different applications in 16 locations in a standardized manner. Thus, he made a profit by making production planning and inventory management more successfully.

If you want to buy ERP software for your business, you can get support from the Kumsal Ajans team. Write us what you wonder about ERP software immediately.

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