Mobile Application Design

Mobile Application Design

Your mobile applications have a very important function within your digital identity. Because with a mobile application, you can reach an important part of internet users. At the same time, a mobile application on smart devices is an opportunity for businesses to communicate directly with potential customers. Therefore, mobile application design has a very important place for brands.

The website alone will not be enough to reflect your identity on the internet. In corporate digital identity design, you should definitely have a mobile application that you can communicate with your customer base. Today, mobile applications can be used for a wide variety of purposes. In mobile applications, it is possible to realize a user-oriented design by taking into account the needs and purpose of your target audience.

Kumsal Agency will assist you in developing mobile applications for every sector and need. For detailed information, you can contact us immediately.

Mobile Application Design Services

Our team responds to all your digital needs with mobile application design services. In mobile, we offer you design services on the following subjects;

  • Application Interface: We are working on your mobile application, we are giving you an advantageous competitive key along with mobile application presentation and development. 
  • IOS Application: We make IOS applications ready for devices with different screen sizes using the latest technologies. We promise high-level performance on devices with IOS operating system.   
  • Android Application: You can use our most remarkable designs for all Android devices. You can get a mobile application compatible with all Android operating system devices.  
  • Social Media Application: We design special social network applications for internet users on different platforms to strengthen your brand's social media position.
  • Hybrid Application: With a hybrid application design that will run smoothly on devices with both Android and IOS operating systems, we bring your accessibility to the top with low budgets. 
  • Re-Application: If you have an existing mobile application and there are points that you are not satisfied with, we redesign your mobile application. You can refresh yourself with mobile applications with a user-friendly design.

To get information about mobile application design and to benefit from all our services, write to us via Kumsal Agency communication channels.

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How Should Mobile Application Design Be?

Here we will tell you all the details you wonder about mobile application design. Kumsal Agency team is experienced in designing mobile applications. You can apply to our team for a mobile application that will meet all your demands.

Let's give some tips for you to choose Kumsal Agency in mobile applications;

User-Oriented Design: We maximize interaction in mobile applications that we have developed specifically for you. For this reason, we provide a user-oriented mobile application design service.

Corporate Brand Identity: Kumsal Agency team develops a mobile application that will attract the attention of your target audience. We are implementing an application that will reflect your corporate brand identity in the eyes of your customer base and in your sector. 

High Conversion: We enable your customers to interact with your brand longer and reuse your mobile application with creative design works. All our designs have increased conversion rates. 

Versatility: Our mobile apps work with high performance on screens of all sizes, regardless of device make and model. All mobile applications can be easily used with high performance on every device.

Increase in Revenue: We design a mobile application that is compatible with your goals in a way that will bring the highest income to your business in the mobile applications we design for businesses. We integrate all your digital goals into mobile applications.

Speed and Reliability: We care about speed for user experience in all mobile applications. We maximize speed by minimizing errors with clean coding. At the same time, we strengthen the position of your brand by taking reliability measures.

For mobile application design, you can contact Kumsal Agency immediately.

How to Design a Mobile Application?

 We carry out the process with certain stages for mobile application design. These stages are generally similar in all our mobile application projects.

 In general, the mobile application design process continues as follows;

Creating a Design: First, we get to know you. At this meeting, we determine your expectations from mobile applications. Then we do k analysis and user analysis for the mobile application. Together with industry research, we reveal the general skeleton of the design.

Application Development: In this process, we enter the coding dimension of the job. We perform the clean and simple HTML coding process of your mobile application. Then we complete the CMS development and content entry processes. In this process, we complete the mobile application design process. We are now in the evaluation phase.

Final Review: At this stage, we do all our tests for your mobile application, such as code testing, usability, user experience testing, mobile device testing and browser testing. Then we review the feedback from you.

Publishing: At this stage, we make changes and adjustments on your mobile application according to the test and your feedback. Afterwards, we take your mobile application to the air with the final approval. In this process, our team always supports you after the broadcast.

Conversion Review: In this process, we also review your mobile app for reaching your goals and conversions. We use professional tools for conversion reviews.

You can contact us now for Kumsal Ajans mobile application design service.

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Mobile Application Design Principles 

Mobile application design principles are also very important in designing a professional mobile application. As Kumsal Agency team, we pay attention to the following principles;

  • We offer quality and original content that will attract the attention of users in a short time.
  • We make users' mobile application experience intuitive and try to let them experience your mobile application.
  • We consider the touch screen target size studies of your target audience by using their fingers comfortably on the devices.
  • We provide high user satisfaction with the chance to manage notifications, undo actions, change settings and customize them.
  • We keep the texts to a minimum in the content and include readable texts.
  • We are pulling all the important interface elements to the visible position.
  • In the mobile application experience, we provide the opportunity to make directions suitable for hand positions.
  • We minimize data entry for users in their mobile application experiences.
  • We promise a flawless user experience that will work with all devices.
  • After doing all the design tests, we design the mobile applications that pass the design tests.

You can work with Kumsal Agency to get information about mobile application design principles.

Mobile Application Design Examples

If you are looking for mobile application design examples, you can contact us immediately. We offer you a mobile application for every sector and every need. We ensure that you have a mobile application suitable for every budget and every demand.

Instead of a mobile application design program, you can immediately request mobile application samples from our team with original designs and solutions tailored for you.

Mobile Application Design Prices

Mobile application designs always work according to customer demands. Because each of our customers' digital goals, expectations, industry dynamics and their position among their competitors are different. Therefore, every time we design a mobile application, we act completely according to our customers.

For mobile application design prices, we give you a special price for your project. We prepare a special price offer for you according to many factors such as mobile application type, additional integrations, basic features of your mobile application. You can contact us to get information about mobile application designs and to have a mobile application specific to your brand.

Kumsal Agency always provides the best quality works at the most affordable prices in mobile application design services.

Web Software

Web Software

We develop web software projects for your corporate and individual needs. We are implementing software and coding studies that will bring your dream projects to the digital world. First, we listen to your requests in the field of web software and mobile application software. Then, our team start working on the projects based on your demands.

Your project is presented to you after the necessary studies for web design and coding have been performed. After taking reassessing the revisions you want, the final version of your web software project is delivered. Kumsal Agency continues to provide support after web software service is completed.

Let's do the best for your product or service together.

Let's combine our speciality and talent with your product and services.
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