What is B2B Software? | How to use?

What is B2B Software? | How to use?

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It consists of the initials of the term B2B Business to Business and refers to e-commerce activities carried out from one business to another. In our country, businesses, suppliers, dealers and customers can instantly monitor and effectively manage their business processes using B2B software.

B2B software is a product needed by companies working with B2B systems. Especially the companies that serve as central have dealers and business partners throughout the country and in many parts of the world. It is both difficult to manage and time-consuming for companies to communicate with each dealer and business partner via telephone and e-mail.

In enterprises that are stakeholders in B2B activities, the central company and dealers can meet with B2B software on a common platform. Thanks to the software, there are many details such as products, product price offers, product features, current stock status. In addition, many processes such as product ordering and order management can be carried out simultaneously without the need for mutual negotiations.

B2B software is a very important necessity in multi-vendor industries. With the increase in the competitive environment in every sector and the acceleration of trade life, the demand for these software is increasing. B2B software is used to ensure customer satisfaction and minimize disruptions in B2B marketing processes.

B2B software provides manufacturers, wholesalers and vendors with the opportunity to manage their sales, marketing and customer relations processes more efficiently.

what is b2b software how to use

Why is B2B Software Necessary?

With the increasing need for digitalization in business activities, the demand for B2B software is increasing day by day. Businesses that carry out commercial activities invest in e-commerce activities in order to find a place for themselves in the competitive environment. Businesses need a very strong infrastructure for e-commerce activities. As Kumsal Agency, we establish B2B software infrastructures specific to your business and your needs.

B2B software makes the complex processes of companies selling with the dealership system more qualified. As a manufacturer or wholesaler, you can perform all processes such as sales, marketing, accounting for retail stores, retail chains and distributors independent of customers, with special software.

B2B software includes many processes such as CRM, order creation, order management. In addition, it combines all operations such as customer data management, order management, payment transactions, inventory management on a single platform according to your needs.

With B2B solutions, businesses can automate orders, easily manage inventory via software, obtain a detailed knowledge base, and save working hours. Sales representatives can access the data they need anywhere from smartphones and tablets without being dependent on the office.

With B2B software, you can place an order immediately, catch sales opportunities, examine inventory levels, send messages and e-mails immediately, and access customer information. All of these processes are integrated into a single software by Kumsal Agency in line with your needs. By combining field sales tools and in-office tools with B2B software, we enable you to provide effective service to customers.

How to Use B2B Software?

B2B software is very practical to use. First of all, stakeholders involved in all B2B processes are authorized in the system. There are different users in the system with many identities such as seller, sales representative, manager, buyer. All products offered for sale by the parent company are included in the management system, and the products reach the dealers and all business partners to purchase.

All stakeholders can make a comprehensive review within the software. On the system, the product name, serial number, prices, dimensions, stock status, payment terms, product images or current campaigns about the product can be seen.

Dealer authorities can easily create orders and make payment transactions through B2B software. In addition, the balance relations between the buyer and the seller can be seen on the system. B2B software also provides businesses with terms such as cargo tracking and current transaction review on the system. In addition, product search can be made thanks to the smart search support in the software. All the features in the reseller software are created by the Kumsal Agency team completely according to the needs and demands.

What's Included in B2B Software?

All elements integrated into B2B software are completely in line with your demands. Different menus in B2B software can be listed as follows;

  • Adding Products: The business known as the main dealer can easily add all the products it sells to the software. All details such as product information, prices, images, product campaigns, stock status can be managed instantly.
  • Creating Orders: Companies registered in the system as dealers can examine the product they want on B2B software. You can see product prices, stock status, product images and product prices. He can create an order from the system with a single click for the product he wants.
  • Payment Integration: We also provide payment integration in B2B software upon your request. Thus, payments for orders placed through the system can be made securely.
  • Accounting: Both the main dealer and the dealers can follow the products they have purchased, their financial status for a certain period, the balance between the businesses and the financial history on the software.
  • Order and Cargo Tracking: Dealers can track the orders they create through the system. Cargo tracking can also be done by integrating cargo through the system.
  • Stock Tracking: Both seller and buyer businesses can track stocks through B2B software. In addition, all stocks can be updated instantly with effective inventory management.
  • Data Management and Reporting: Data management and reporting can also be done through B2B software. Thus, data management and reporting can create both loyal customers and new customers. By identifying the needs of your existing customers, you can optimize your sales activities in a more qualified way.

All integrations in B2B software are carried out completely according to your demands, industry and company needs. You can work with Kumsal Ajans team for B2B software specific to your company.

what is b2b software how to use

What are the B2B Software Advantages?

B2B software is more of a necessity than a luxury for businesses today. B2B software for efficient working environment, accurate accounting, perfect sales and marketing system and high profitability is valid for every business.

B2B software advantages can be listed as follows;

  • The seller company can share all its products with potential buyers through a single center.
  • B2B businesses can easily promote their new products through the system.
  • The stock control of the products and the stock numbers of the dealers can be managed instantly.
  • Buyers can practically search for products and request products that are out of stock with a single click.
  • Installment and payment options of the products can be seen and all campaigns can be followed.
  • If a product sought on the system is not in stock, other products that will provide the same functionality may be offered to the buyer.
  • Periodic and vendor-specific campaigns can be created easily thanks to B2B software.
  • The seller company can create special promotions for the buyer companies and create special rewards in certain periods.
  • B2B software can be used by anyone without any problems thanks to its user-experienced interfaces.
  • In B2B software, instant communication can be established between buyers and sellers.

B2B Software Prices

B2B software prices vary completely according to the project. As Kumsal Agency, we do not use ready-made B2B software. We produce special software that will meet your corporate needs in all your sales and marketing processes. Therefore, after the meeting we will hold, we create a B2B software price offer for your target and working system.

Web Software

Web Software

We develop web software projects for your corporate and individual needs. We are implementing software and coding studies that will bring your dream projects to the digital world. First, we listen to your requests in the field of web software and mobile application software. Then, our team start working on the projects based on your demands.

Your project is presented to you after the necessary studies for web design and coding have been performed. After taking reassessing the revisions you want, the final version of your web software project is delivered. Kumsal Agency continues to provide support after web software service is completed.

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