What is Call Center Management Software? | What Does It Do?

What is Call Center Management Software? | What Does It Do?

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Many reasons, such as the increase in the competitive environment in every sector and the development of opportunities to reach potential customers regardless of the location, make it necessary for businesses to institutionalize and provide some services. The customer service department is a vital work area for a business. This is where the call center department comes into play. Call center management software enables businesses to manage all their conversations with their customers.

The call center department provides functions in many areas such as ensuring customer satisfaction, product promotion and sales, and after-sales support in a business. Professional call center management comes into play in all of your business's commercial activities. Special software solutions for your business are waiting for you at Kumsal Agency so that you can manage your call center calls and the performance of your personnel professionally.

Call center management software generally works like this;

  • With the IP infrastructure, call center calls can be carried out in different locations independently of the location. This lowers the operating cost.
  • You can offer the most professional call center support with the least number of personnel.
  • With flexible call distribution and voice processing applications, customers wait much less time.
  • Outbound calls can be made for many topics such as sales, customer satisfaction tracking, customer notifications, appointments tracking, job tracking, announcement of campaigns and survey work.
  • All conversation experiences in the system can be recorded without any additional hardware and existing recordings can be easily listened to again.
  • Call center management software, which works integrated with CRM systems, allows you to provide faster, more consistent and corporate service to customers by recording every contact.

what is call center management software what does it do

Why is Call Center Management Software Important?

Businesses that carry out professional call center management can stand out more than their competitors. Call center software comes into play to make the customer experience perfect. The more professional the call center management is in your business, the higher your institutionalism will be.

With the digitalization of businesses, data is in a very important position in their commercial activities. With the call center, you can store the data you get from all the conversations you have with your existing customers and potential customers in the system. Thus, you can identify customer needs and provide your customers with the most seamless experience.

Call center management software is also very effective in increasing your sales. Today, phone calls are among the most important sales channels of many companies. For this, you need qualified and experienced call center personnel and professional software.

Kumsal Agency offers corporate call center management software solutions specific to your industry.

How Does Call Center Software Work?

Call center software is designed specifically for your corporate needs. They usually have modules and features that are similar to each other. You can benefit from many features and advantages of the software from the moment the conversation starts until it ends.

Call center management software features can be listed as follows;

  • Your customers can listen to the music and announcements of your choice while connecting to the call.
  • You can listen to active calls at any time, join active calls and access past call records with a single click.
  • You can follow the instant status of the customer representatives. You can perform performance evaluations of customer representatives and receive reports for certain periods.
  • You can perform instant queue management during the call. There are functions such as changing the call order, bringing the back call forward, assigning the desired person to the call.
  • You can limit the authority of the personnel and ensure that everyone can access certain data within the limits of their authority.
  • You can direct incoming calls to personnel according to their abilities and workspace.
  • You can create lists based on numbers for incoming calls. So you can block and forward unwanted calls.
  • Thanks to the Google Drive integration, even if all your data is deleted, it is stored in the system for the desired period of time. Thus, you can easily access historical data.

What are the Advantages of Call Center Software?

Call center management software increases the operational capabilities of businesses and provides a professional call center management opportunity.

Call center software advantages are as follows;

  • Customer relations are strengthened with call center software. It allows you to gain loyal, happy customers who are inclined to buy your products and are willing to cooperate with your business. You can find all the flexible features to support your customer service strategy.
  • The most suitable operator is connected to the customer by obtaining some necessary information from the customer calling the system. In the system, you can realize different distribution scenarios such as circular, personal, VIP, sequential, scored, random, balanced.
  • Flexible call distribution minimizes customers' waiting time.
  • Customers' waiting comfort is maximized thanks to the waiting messages you record and the music you specify while waiting.
  • With its feature that supports voice recognition and processing technologies, your customers can perform standard operations by dialing from the phone. Thus, the workload of your call center personnel is reduced.
  • Thanks to the user-friendly design, operators can easily perform all operations on the screens in front of them during a call. Call center management software combines many features on the least number of screens.
  • Customer representatives can also access the number information of the callers.
  • You have the opportunity to log in and out of the system on the interface on the computer screen.
  • You can check and manage break and agent performances.
  • With the advanced call distribution feature, the call flow can be managed smoothly and quickly in an unlimited number of call queues.
  • You can distribute the calls according to the abilities of the personnel and assign an individual customer representative to your private customers in the fastest way.
  • There are features such as telling the estimated waiting time to the customers waiting in the queue, automatic answering to the operators, telling their turn in the queue.
  • You can monitor the performance of the operator instantly, regardless of time and place.
  • You can easily follow all the movements and activities of the operators and make detailed reports by intervening immediately when you deem necessary.

Which Call Center Management Software Should I Prefer?

Businesses should establish the most effective call center management system on the way to institutionalization. That's why you need to choose software specific to your business. Often, many companies make the mistake of choosing ready-made call center software. It should not be forgotten that the dynamics of each sector and business are different. Therefore, when choosing call center software, you should definitely act according to the corporate needs of your business. Modules and features that call center personnel need should be placed in the system in the most efficient way.

If you work with Kumsal Agency, we first determine your needs and develop call center management software that offers you tailor-made solutions.

what is call center management software what does it do

The Impact of Call Center Management Software on Turnover

Call center management software does not only provide the ability to answer calls made by customers. At the same time, you can make outbound calls according to the methods and lists you set beforehand. With external calls, you can perform many operations such as business follow-up, sales, customer satisfaction follow-up, customer information, appointment follow-up and survey work.

By making external calls, you can learn the changing expectations of your customers and make your sales strategies dynamic accordingly. This way, you can sell more products, create more loyal customers, and have customers willing to work with you. Since call center management software directly affects your sales strategies and customer satisfaction, it will greatly increase your turnover.

Call Center Software Prices

Call center software prices; The programming language of the system varies according to many factors such as its technical features and the modules in it. Since our team has developed a special call center software for you, we first conduct a needs analysis.

After meeting with Kumsal Ajans, you can get call center software price information and have a call center management system that will maximize customer satisfaction.

Web Software

Web Software

We develop web software projects for your corporate and individual needs. We are implementing software and coding studies that will bring your dream projects to the digital world. First, we listen to your requests in the field of web software and mobile application software. Then, our team start working on the projects based on your demands.

Your project is presented to you after the necessary studies for web design and coding have been performed. After taking reassessing the revisions you want, the final version of your web software project is delivered. Kumsal Agency continues to provide support after web software service is completed.

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