What is Flutter? | What Does It Do? | Usage Areas

What is Flutter? | What Does It Do? | Usage Areas

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Flutter; It can be defined as an SDK that enables you to develop mobile applications for platforms such as Android and IOS. It is a system that includes the framework, Widget and different tools, allowing you to develop a local application using only a code base. Flutter is an open source tool. All mobile designers and developers can use this tool free of charge.

This tool was released by Google in 2017. Flutter generally consists of two different elements;

Software Development Kit: Also known as SDK. It offers different tools for you to develop your mobile applications in a practical way. You can make the codes you write suitable for both IOS and Android.

Framework: It allows you to use the user interface (UI) components that you need to use during the software development phase. Thanks to these components, you can get the chance to customize your mobile application project.

With the help of Flutter, you can have applications that will target both IOS and Android platforms. Thanks to cross-platform mobile applications, you can save both cost and time. With Flutter, successful application design can be made that will ensure high compatibility in both systems.

what is flutter what does it do usage areas

Why Should Fluttter be Preferred?

  • By using Flutter, you can have a quality mobile application that can run on both systems. Let's give you a few valid reasons to choose Flutter;
  • Flutter is a system that is easy to learn and can be used practically. So with flutter, you can easily create your mobile applications in a modern framework.
  • With Flutter, you can change codes quickly. In this way, you can see the results with a click. When you make very important changes, you do not need to take time-consuming actions such as reloading.
  • It is very cheap to develop a mobile application using Flutter. Developing and maintaining mobile apps for both Android and IOS can be costly.
  • Native applications are always preferred for high performance in mobile application development. However, it is difficult to see a difference between the flutter app and native apps in terms of performance.
  • You can use the widgets offered by Flutter without difficulty. In this way, you can offer a high-quality user interface with a high user experience and personalize your mobile application as you wish.
  • Flutter is a system that goes beyond mobile technology. With Flutter, you can get high performance not only in mobile applications but also in web and desktop browsers.
  • With Flutter, full freedom is provided to create an independent user interface for your brand.
  • Flutter will provide you with advanced operating system features such as GPS coordinate, sensor data collection, permission processing, Bluetooth, identity information that you need to use for your mobile application.
  • Flutter uses Dart, an aesthetic programming language. In addition, high performance Skia process engine is used. It contains suitable design models for developers of all levels. With Flutter you can find a design where you can ignore some technical flaws in the programming language.

What Are The Uses Of Flutter?

Flutter, as the mobile application technology in Turkey has yet to reach adequate audience. Usage areas of flutter, which reaches more and more masses every day, can be listed as follows;

E - Commerce: Do you need a mobile application to reach your brand to a wider audience? Flutter is for you. You can have a low-cost and functional mobile application where you will carry out your e-commerce activities. You can develop your store specifically for your industry and needs.

Education: If you want to have a mobile application in the field of education, being in both Android and IOS markets can be costly for you. With Flutter, you can take part in both operating systems with high performance.

Gaming: If you want to develop mobile games and make money, you can use flutter technology. It gives Flutter users the chance to have a functional mobile application.

Individual and Corporate Needs: With Flutter, you can also have mobile applications that offer solutions for your individual and corporate needs. If you have a low budget for personal informative mobile blogs or services that will allow you to reach larger audiences, you can choose flutter technology for high efficiency.

Flutter Limitations?

If you want to have a mobile application, you have a lot of options. You can design a mobile application using different technologies that suit your needs. Although it stands out with many advantages, there are some limitations of the flutter tool;

  • Flutter, a free open source technology released by Google, is widely supported by the company. There are lots of libraries with ready-made functions that you might want to implement. However, you may not find solutions that will accommodate every feature you may need. Especially for your local initiatives, flutter may fall short on some issues.
  • Flutter platform is not supported by most known CI platforms. You should be proficient in using and updating custom scripts for automatic creation, testing, and commissioning.
  • Flutter is limited in size for those who want to develop applications. Google provides a maximum support of 10 MB. Although your Flutter app is optimized, it will be larger than native apps.
  • Flutter will be insufficient in mobile applications that require a connection to a device via Bluetooth. Although FlutterBle is used to solve this on both Android and IOS devices, it may be insufficient to provide the desired performance.

what is flutter what does it do usage areas

Flutter Benefits for Android Apps

The biggest advantage of Flutter technology compared to native Android applications is that it provides cross-platform support. Using the same codebase, you can have an application that you can use on different platforms such as IOS, web and desktop along with Android applications.

Flutter can also offer a significant portion of the performance you can get with native Android apps. According to a cross-platform application, one of the most effective ways to close the performance gap with native applications would be to choose Flutter.

Thanks to the improvements made for many years, the difference between Flutter and the native Android application may not be noticeable on many issues.

Flutter Benefits for IOS Applications

The first option for those who want to develop iOS applications was Objective-c, which is used by Apple. This programming language was an application language that many developers did not like. More functional Swift was launched in 2014.

For those who want to make iOS applications, Flutter stands out with its aesthetic, fast, productive and open source code. IOS users have complained of performance and stability issues with cross-application technologies. Flutter, on the other hand, has largely closed the performance and stability gap alongside other cross platforms such as Reach Native. Flutter architecture and the Dart language used made it as high-performance as a native application.

Flutter Application Prices

For the Flutter application prices, we first organize a meeting with you. We understand your needs and then create a Flutter project that will meet your demands. Flutter app is always much more affordable than native apps for Android and IOS. We recommend the Flutter application especially for our customers who have limited budgets but want to have a high performance mobile application on both Android and IOS markets.

Flutter application prices, which stand out by closing the performance gap with local applications among cross mobile application technologies, will vary according to your expectations and needs. Our team can prepare a price quote by doing a preliminary study for you. If you are curious about our views on other mobile application technologies, you can contact us.

Web Software

Web Software

We develop web software projects for your corporate and individual needs. We are implementing software and coding studies that will bring your dream projects to the digital world. First, we listen to your requests in the field of web software and mobile application software. Then, our team start working on the projects based on your demands.

Your project is presented to you after the necessary studies for web design and coding have been performed. After taking reassessing the revisions you want, the final version of your web software project is delivered. Kumsal Agency continues to provide support after web software service is completed.

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