What is Intranet? | What Does It Do? | Usage Areas

What is Intranet? | What Does It Do? | Usage Areas

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What is Intranet?

intranet; is a web site network specially created for institutions that provides communication and internal communication within an organization. These systems enable the connection of computers and local wide networks within the organization where it is installed. The intranet system is based on TCP / IP and serves to connect the devices in the enterprise with Lan, WAN networks.

The Turkish equivalent of the word intranet is used as an internal network or internal network. Even if there is no internet connection with this system, communication and data can be exchanged between the devices in the institution. Universities, hospitals, businesses can use this system. The main purpose is to establish a system that can provide information exchange within the institution.

The intranet system in an organization can be limited to a specific local network. In addition, some systems can access a much more remote location on the Internet. Local intranets are secure systems only because they are accessible within the network. You may need login credentials to access over a wide area network. Internet connections can be provided after intranets security measures are taken.

what is intranet what does it do usage areas

What does Intranet do?

This system is an in-house information system. Thanks to the intranet, communication and cooperation between the employees in the institution can be achieved. You can do this through the intranet interface. Thanks to the interface, access is provided between the institution and staff working. Thus, a more professional working environment can be created.

Let's explain more clearly what the intranet system does with a few small details;

  • Information exchange within the institution becomes safer. In other words, you can prevent your institution's information from being passed on to someone else's hands.
  • You can transfer accounting transactions through this system.
  • Human resources department can work more qualified.
  • You can integrate production and automation software into your systems.
  • You can ensure the socialization of employees working in your institution and improve cooperation.
  • By providing remote access, you can track whether the workflow is proceeding correctly and keep track of it.
  • You can safely keep the data about your company in your database and make the necessary document distributions with one click.
  • You can try your own system at any time.
  • By creating working groups, you can ensure that your staff works efficiently.
  • You can ensure that the orientation process of your new staff is shortened and efficient.
  • You can establish a professional control system for supply, stock and distribution.

Intranet, which you can define as a private web network; You can ensure that your corporate employees in different geographies have access to accurate and precise information without interruption over a single network. You can also access the information in your database immediately and get instant reports on many topics.

This system can have an interface that provides information and tools, a work schedule, project schedules, task lists, confidential files, and messaging tools for staff communication. You can also make certain information available only to authorized personnel.

One of the most important benefits of the intranet system is that it minimizes the use of e-mail among your corporate staff. Thanks to this system, you can work comfortably with a single file in a single area. In short, you can manage the information from a single center. Currently, the largest intranet network used in our country is used by the General Directorate of Security under the name Polnet.

What Does Intranet Host?

We have explained so far that the main purpose of intranet for an institution is communication and it provides many benefits to the institution it is used for. Now let's explain what an intranet system can accommodate;

  • Data of the institution
  • Address and phone books
  • Detailed information and graphics of marketing distribution, competitor and market
  • Disclosures and publications of your institution
  • Information about the software and navy
  • Internal vacancies
  • Discussion forum
  • Document distribution and sharing
  • Human Resources
  • Training and orientation process
  • Various working groups
  • Joint work programs
  • Production process
  • New documentation systems
  • Information about suppliers and supplier relations
  • Virtual shopping
  • Service and support
  • It provides features such as teleconference among the institution's staff.

You can make your company more corporate with intranet. It offers effective solutions to companies in order to make your employees more efficient and to make your work more systematic and professional.

What are the Advantages of Intranet?

intranet; It is a network created to distribute information resources to every personnel within the company by using internet resources. The success of e-mail applications in business life inspired the emergence of the Intranet.

Let's list the advantages of using intranet for you;

  • Cost is the most important issue for businesses. It can facilitate the flow of information with the intranet; You can save time and cost in information communication.
  • Today, changes in all sectors and companies are taking place at the speed of light. Therefore, the staff working in your company, your customers and vendors; In short, developments can spread rapidly to all stakeholders who are in contact with your company.
  • Today, in the business world, staff can work away from the office. In addition, the rate of mobile usage for company needs is very high. Intranet can be used as an economical communication tool for your personnel to communicate with your office.
  • Today, customer support has become a key element in determining the marketing strategies of companies. If your customers contact the Intranet directly with the customer support department, a more professional support can be provided and complaints can be resolved easily. Intranet is very important for professional and corporate customer support.
  • Employees in different positions can ask questions, participate in discussions, and express their opinions on the company's major problems. In other words, you can create a transparent and free thinking environment in your company.
  • It enables managers to perform their duties more efficiently. The management level of your company can work more professionally.
  • It provides only the information flow needed. There are no problems such as interruption of the business of your company based on the delay of information.
  • Employees cannot claim that they cannot access any information about your company. Since the request for information is frequent and detailed, everyone can access the information they will fulfill their responsibilities.

What are the Intranet Disadvantages?

Intranet is a very efficient communication system for institutions. However, like any system, the Intranet system has some flaws.

Let's list the disadvantages of the intranet system;

  • Among the most prominent disadvantages of the intranet system is the possibility of security for the enterprise information source. In this system, corporate information source may lose its privacy and unauthorized changes can be made. Although precautions have been taken in this regard, Intranet technology is still considered risky in terms of security and information privacy.
  • Companies planning to switch to the intranet system should change the culture of internal work. In particular, senior management should change the way all correspondence and information are handled. For this, things can be delayed in the company for a while. The transition process for orientation should be planned very well during the transition period.
  • In the intranet system, e-mails are generally posted by the secretary or assistant. Malicious secretaries and consultants may pose a risk to the manager and company if their authority codes are known to them.
  • Intranet system is a low cost communication tool. The number of queries and mail here can be very high. Therefore, the response rate should be high. When demands are not responded quickly, chaos arises and the order chain may be disrupted.
  • Intranet is an application that facilitates the communication and socialization of employees in digital environment. However, such systems can reduce face-to-face interaction among employees. This can make it difficult to develop positive commitment to the organization and to absorb the task.


intranet; It is heavily preferred by businesses that have branches and projects scattered across a wide geography. It is a dominant view that intranet will be one of the most important applications of the internet in the coming years. However, more qualified studies should be conducted for reliability and security risks.

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