What is SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)? SVG Usage Areas

What is SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)? SVG Usage Areas

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SVG as vector image format in Turkish or scalable vector graphics is a vector-based graphical format developed by W3C for speed and convenience in terms of web design. Usually, it is aimed to have more variety of features such as size and color.

  SVG is used with some photoshop and illustration programs.

  The XML markup language is used in SVG documents. Therefore, images and behaviors in XML text files are defined. The fact that it is based on XML and based on mathematical terms has made SVG the most widely used by graphic designers.

  SVG is currently supported by all modern search engines such as Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari.
 Why use SVG?

- Small file size

  -Various color options

  -Vector-based because of the quality of the resolution when shaping

  -Provides opportunities such as code support in the process of making.
Creating an SVG File
First of all, SVG files can be created with a program with SVG software. Files can be created with CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator programs.

Opening the SVG File

The file that is mentioned for file creation also applies to opening the file. Also, using the browsers, an SVG file can be opened.

Graphic design is the sine qua non of web design and there are many steps in the design of SVG. It is not original to use ready-made images on the internet when designing web, but with the use of SVG it is possible to create unique and high quality visual and content.

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