ERP Software | Usage Areas
ERP software is software that enables you to carry out daily business activities of your business such as accounting, purchasing, project management, risk management, and supply chain.
Business Process Tracking Software | Usage Areas
Managing business processes is an action that poses great challenges for many businesses.
Enterprise Resource Planning Software | Usage Areas
Enterprise resource planning software are software systems that enable an enterprise to plan and manage the basic supply chain, production process, services, financial and other processes.
Video Portal Software (Education Site) | In Which Fields Is It Used?
Video portal software; Web sites designed specifically for the education service of your business or institution.
How Are Web Design Prices Determined?
The variety of prices in web design service causes those who want to get service to fall into great errors.
10 Tips for Developing a Successful Mobile Application
According to the We Are Social 2020 report, there are 5.14 billion mobile device users in the world.
What is a Cross Platform Mobile Application? | What Does It Do? | Usage areas
Cross-platform mobile applications are mobile application types that are developed to work on more than one mobile infrastructure platform.
What is CRM? | What Does It Do? | Usage areas
CRM is the strategy, technology and all activities that enable the commercial relations to become stronger and increase the rate of profit by using the data obtained by recording all the interactions of businesses with their customers.
What is Flutter? | What Does It Do? | Usage Areas
Flutter; It can be defined as an SDK that enables you to develop mobile applications for platforms such as Android and IOS.
What is ERP? | What Does It Do? | Usage areas
ERP can be defined as software developed to manage many processes of an enterprise such as routine accounting, purchasing, risk management, compliance with the legislation.
What is Extranet? | What Does It Do? | Usage Areas
Extranet is a network that enables suppliers, customers or other stakeholders to use the same software and protocols over the internet in a business partnership. In other words, it can be described as a corporate intranet extension that uses World Wide Web technology to strengthen communication between suppliers and customers.
What is React Native? | What Does It Do? | Usage areas
React native is a special mobile application development library that enables multi-platform Android and IOS applications to be designed with native user interface elements.
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