Website Renovation: When and Why Should it be Done?

Website Renovation: When and Why Should it be Done?

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If your website looks a bit outdated, you should probably work with a graphic designer or web developer for the redesign. But is a complete website redesign really what you need? Website refresh has been gaining popularity among business owners over the past few years.

Refreshing involves updating or replacing a few in-place items rather than redesigning everything from scratch. If you're considering a website redesign or aren't sure if you really need a complete redesign, let's go into more detail.

Times change and businesses grow over time. To maintain your website as your strongest sales and marketing asset, your website must adapt and expand. But you need to decide whether you need a website refresh or a complete website redesign.

What is Website Refresh?

Website renewal is to improve and change certain features of your website instead of changing it from scratch. Businesses that already have a quality website often work on updating and improving their existing website.

A website refresh is like putting a fresh coat of paint on a car or changing the wall decor in your living room. There are actually minor changes that affect the visual appearance, and the structure of the item you're updating remains the same. While your car may look really different when it's painted blue instead of red, in fact, your car basically still has the same features.

Website refreshes can make a big impact, even if the changes are absolutely minor. For example, changing the color of your menus from red to blue may only take a few seconds to fiddle with the CSS file, but the entire look of your site changes with it. Larger changes like adding a new menu or increasing the size of your images may take a little longer but can still have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the site for users.

Renewal may include multiple items that are changed and made available at the same time, or it may be a longer process. Sometimes website renovation projects go on for a long time. In this case, designers will make one or two minor changes per week over a longer period of time. Many website owners actually choose to refresh different items over several months or even years.

They do this as a result of ongoing A/B and conversion rate optimization testing. In this sense, websites never stop refreshing. It is always tested, updated and reanalyzed for additional weaknesses or improvement opportunities. The website renewal process is actually a dynamic process.

In Which Situations Can Website Renewal Be Done?

Some of the scenarios where a website refresh might make sense include:

  • You have recently completed a complete redesign of your website and you just want to tweak the look without massively restructuring your content. In this case, you can refresh the website.
  • Your visitors can usually reach the pages they want to go to, but you can refresh when you want to improve conversion, highlight certain content, or reduce your bounce rate.
  • You have a new logo or have developed new brand standards and want your website to be consistent with your new look.
  • Your website doesn't work well on your new smartphone (or maybe any smartphone) and you can do a refresh whenever you need to add responsive design or tune your responsive design for new technology. The approach here depends on how your website is coded. However, this process may require redesign rather than renovation in some cases.

Changing the image of your website is an exciting way to improve your web presence. It is usually cheap and fast. But how do you know if you really need it? If you've been using your website for a while, it may seem difficult to determine when it's time to update. Fortunately, there are some easy-to-identify situations that will help you find out if it's time for a website refresh. Website renewal is a decision that can be taken in the following cases;

  • Your site is not attractive,
  • You don't get many conversions,
  • Your website looks outdated and boring,
  • Your communication is ineffective
  • You don't get a lot of potential customers,
  • You have a high bounce rate.
  • If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you, you may need a website refresh

What are the Advantages of Website Renewal?

Website renewal for businesses has some advantages;


Refurbishment is almost always cheaper than redesign. However, a renovation can be a stopping point on the way to a complete redesign. Also, if you do a website refresh where a full website redesign would be the better option, there will be lost leads and more costs in the long run. Therefore, you should make this decision well.


A complete website redesign will require more time from you and your team, depending on the project you want. If you don't have a lot of time to put a lot of thought into your website redesign, it might make sense to do a short-term refresh of your existing site.

Security, slow loading times and bugs

Usually such issues can be fixed through code and content optimization, malware scanning, firewalls or general troubleshooting. However, if your website has become an inherently insecure platform, a complete redesign may make sense.

How to Decide on Website Renovation and Redesign?

Not sure if a website refresh or redesign is needed? Here are a few criteria you can use when making the right decision;

  • A website refresh may be a better choice if your CMS is still running smoothly. Additionally, you can choose to refresh if the changes you want to make are simple or just visual. Also, if you don't hear complaints about the way your site works, it would be better to just renew some of the graphic elements.
  • Website refresh gives you the opportunity to test everything before the full design. So you can try renewing first. However, if your CMS is difficult to use or not integrated with your site, you should consider investing in a complete redesign.
  • If you're getting complaints from customers or staff, have high bounce rates, or if your website is outdated, a redesign is probably the better option for you.

You should compare the pros and cons of redesigning and website revamping well. You should determine the cost of a complete website design and decide accordingly.

Website Renewal Prices

Website renewal prices are much more cost-effective than website redesign. For this reason, you should first check whether your website is suitable for the renewal option. However, if your website is not suitable for renewal, if you prefer to renew it instead of designing a website from scratch, you may lose money and time in the long run.

For this reason, contact Kumsal Agency and ask for your website to be analyzed in detail. Our team first evaluates the renewal option of the website for you.

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