Discount Tracking Applications: Don't Miss Out on Opportunities!

Discount Tracking Applications: Don't Miss Out on Opportunities!

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People always want to take advantage of discounts and follow affordable products while shopping online. At this point, the tendency towards the applications that serve is quite high. You can develop a discount tracking application in the style of Miser. You can also share daily deals and coupons through this application.

Your customer base can follow the discounts of products in many areas such as grocery, clothing, cosmetics and electronics through your application. With this application, you can earn income without making direct sales. You can get support from our team to develop a regional, national or global discount tracking application.

Kumsal Agency offers you discount tracking applications with the most advanced features.

What are the Advantages of Discount Tracking Application?

Daily discount apps attract users. For shoppers, this is an opportunity to get products or services at the best prices. The advantages of the discount tracking application are as follows;

Reach a Broader Audience

You can reach a wide audience with daily deals and discount coupons and applications. More than two-thirds of people in Turkey use coupons digitally. In 2022, this means close to 25 million users. Also, such apps are essentially marketplaces that connect stores with discount hunters. This ensures that users can make necessary purchases from various vendors only through you.

Invest Less, Earn More Profit

Investing in discount tracking app development is very profitable. You connect a large number of stores to your platform and you get a commission for every purchase made by a customer.

At the same time, the profits from such an application are significant. For example, popular daily deals platform Groupon earned $153 million in the first quarter of 2022 alone. You can also increase your income by improving your discounts, coupons and daily deals app.

You Save Time

It takes seconds to upload special offers to get started with daily deals and discount coupons. Working with these apps is very fast and takes very little time. In addition, it significantly reduces shopping time for your users.

Offer Competitive Prices

You will benefit greatly by offering competitive prices when customers are looking for the best deals. So you can create a loyal audience.

What are the Types of Discount Tracking Applications?

There are different types of discount tracking applications that you can use to create an income model;

Coupon Applications

These are applications where users can get coupons to buy goods or services and use them at any or specified time.

Daily Deals Apps

These apps allow users to find hot deals on products or services on a daily basis. Platforms like these provide excellent results for businesses ranging from fashion to merchandising.

Online Discount Applications

A discount coupon application means creating a platform that includes online shopping discounts on a daily basis. You can share instant online discounts on various products and services. Like daily deals apps, these apps work as well sort results for different e-commerce businesses.

What are the Discount Tracking Application Features?

There are many features you can use with the discount tracking application;

Cloud Environment

The cloud environment is a way to build a marketplace mobile application that is easy to scale and maintain. This technology significantly reduces your expenses and does not require building your infrastructure.

Price Comparison

Such an advanced feature will increase the interest of buyers on your platform. Thanks to this, users can find the most profitable offers for themselves.

Payment Gateways

You can add payment gateways to provide instant payments to your platform. Here you can add options such as credit card, virtual wallet and mobile payment.

Push Notifications

Make your app even more interesting by adding push notifications. This way, your users will always be aware of your platform's latest offers and discounts.

Gift Certificates

This feature will help you attract more users and encourage them to use the app. So consider adding coupons and gift certificates to your platform.

Reviews and Ratings

This feature will come in handy for your visitors because this way they can learn more about the stores, goods or services that interest them.

Navigation and Tracking

With this function, users of your app can view deals and know about discounts at their location.

Real Time Analytics

This feature allows you to monitor the activity in your application in real time. This gives you the chance to improve your platform and its offerings.

Advanced Search

You can integrate advanced search into your platform. This allows you to perfect the user's journey from searching for a product to purchasing a product among many filters and categories.

Multilingual Support

Multilingual service means more revenue for multiple people as daily deals apps attract a wide audience. Click on analyze which countries you get users from the most and add languages suitable for your platform.

Loyalty Program

This feature allows you to retain your users. In this way, you can offer unique and personalized offers to your target audience.

Discount Tracking Application Development Stages

The stages of discount tracking application development carried out by Kumsal Agency are as follows;

Step 1 Discovery and UI/UX Design

Discovery is the first step in developing a discount tracking application. In this step, we verify your concept, examine the market in detail, and research your competitors and audience.

This phase also includes creating the design of your platform. We cover UI/UX separately for you guys native apps, iOS and Android. To create a cross-platform platform, you must develop universal design solutions. At the end of this step, you will have a demo of your platform.

Step 2 Development

In this step, we turn the advertising models into a working solution for you. Here, we integrate all the platform features and necessary elements you choose into the application with appropriate technologies. At the end of this stage, a minimum viable product appears.

Step 3 Testing and Release

Our testers check the discount coupon or daily deals app for various discounts for errors at this stage. Once our team finds bugs, they fix them right away, making your software perfect. Once your software solution is fully ready, you release it.

User Panel Features

User Panel

This panel is visible to customers visiting your app. The features that users can use are as follows;

  • Register and login
  • invite your friends
  • Create your full profile
  • Browse store or category specific offers.
  • Opportunities list
  • Favorites
  • Use coupon code
  • Share deals on social media

Vendor Panel

This panel is for merchants joining your platform. Store owners can use the following features;

  • Add and manage deals
  • Managing coupons
  • Coupon usage
  • Statistics and dashboard
  • Deal list tracking
  • Share deals on social media
  • monitor status
  • manage orders
  • Messaging tracking

Admin Panel

This panel is the panel that can be used by the owner of the daily deals and discount coupon application and includes the following features:

  • Manage deals
  • Create deal categories
  • Website and app monitoring
  • Statistics and dashboard
  • Review user reviews
  • Manage coupons
  • Vendors/consumers/etc. manage
  • content management system
  • Share deals on social media

If you are requesting a special discount tracking application, you can contact Kumsal Agency immediately. Let us develop a discount tracking and opportunity application for you at affordable costs with a special project for you.

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