Price Comparison Applications: Snagging the Best Deal

Price Comparison Applications: Snagging the Best Deal

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The price comparison application allows its users to compare the prices of one or similar products from many vendors / retailers. Some apps have a barcode scanner, while other apps require users to enter the product name to find and compare prices for the product.

All shoppers looking to save money on their purchases should use a price comparison app. The concept of price comparison app is simple. The user will enter the name of a product and the application will list the product or similar product that the user is looking for with the price on different platforms.

For example, a customer is looking for a robot vacuum from a Huawei. The user will need to enter the product name, and the app will collect and display the price of Huawei's robot vacuum cleaner on a single screen, as well as the price of other hard drives from Amazon, Alibaba, Trendyol, Hepsiburada and Walmart and other online stores.

Why is Price Comparison Application Necessary?

  • 81% of shoppers do research online before purchasing a product.
  • Analysis studies in this area show that 80% of customers do online research even before purchasing a physical place.
  • On average, customers visit at least three different websites before making a purchasing decision.
  • A study of our company shows that customers believe in researching products before they buy to find the best price. This means that a customer searches Google for the cost of a product they want to buy.

These data show how a price comparison application can enter a shopper's life and the potential to develop such an application.

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Key Features of Price Comparison App

Push Notifications

An integrated On-Demand Price Comparison App with push notification plays an important role in updating users on the latest deals and offers available in the app. Push notification about user's favorite products helps you keep your users engaged with your app.

Video and Graphics Annotations

A must-have for all price comparison apps. Products and services should be showcased through infographics and promotional videos. It helps to grab the customer's attention and get the maximum order.

Also, short app promotional online videos or graphical representations of products encourage users to buy.

Reviews and Ratings

Publishing accurate information for users is essential for a price comparison app. Customer reviews and ratings help to make the app reliable and gain a large user base.


In-app communication makes the user feel that their opinion matters. Users need to be able to contact the administrator for any query. With in-app communication, users can talk directly to representatives about the quality of the service. Users can also provide information on areas and factors that need improvement. Improving retention and customer experience is essential to ensure they are compatible with your application.

Trend Tracking

Everyone wants to keep up with the latest trends. Therefore, it becomes mandatory for your price comparison app to show users products that are trending based on their previous searches.

Integrating Social Media

Today's tech-savvy generation loves this feature. They like to share their purchases on social media. Incorporating social media into the app will enhance the user's overall shopping experience.

Users can also share their wish lists with their friends. Integrating social media into the app is also beneficial for the app owner as the app gets free publicity whenever any user shares their wishlist or new purchases on social media.

Scan and Compare

In order for your application to compete with other applications, the latest technologies must be integrated. Built-in barcode scanner and QR scanner is a must. With scanners, users can scan the code and find the best price for the product in both physical and online stores. It also saves time and improves the shopping experience.

Blog Posts

Price updates, offers and deals, news, etc. to keep users engaged with your app. It becomes entirely necessary to continue to publish information about It is another way to promote products and services.

Get Seller's Information

Thanks to this feature, users can learn the seller's information such as contact information, address, and expertise. Sometimes users may receive a damaged or faulty product; at that moment, it can be handy to have all the information.

Technological Innovations

To develop the best-in-class price comparison app, you must choose the best technological features. An application that complies with all quality standards and is optimized to give the best performance will always be ahead of its competitors.

UI/UX Design

We make your application perfect by maximizing the user experience. For Android platform, Java or Kotlin will do the job and for iOS framework development Swift is the best option.

Cloud Servers

If you need to store large amounts of data, you can consider Google Cloud Storage or Amazon Data Servers to securely protect all user resellers and all product-related data.


Integrating a stable analytics API to help you make real-time decisions about orders, sales, associated retailers, etc. It will give detailed information about KPIs such as

Text and Phone Verification

To avoid spam bots and have real users, the text message and phone verification step is a must. App developers can use Google Sign-in or Facebook SDK .


To handle the consumer's data in an orderly fashion, application developers use MongoDB , Cassandra , MySQL, HBase , Postgress , etc. can use.

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Price Comparison App Admin Panel Features


Admin can monitor all orders and their status. It can also analyze the cost structure and all the relevant details.

User Management

The administrator monitors all users registered in the application.

Product management

The administrator registers and manages all the products displayed in the application and their prices on an e-commerce product page of their website.

Service Management

Admin, product list, shipping services, offers, notification, price standards, etc. It monitors all services provided by the application, such as

Notification Panel

Admin pay, order confirmation, deliveries etc. It manages all related information.

Creating a Report

Manager, products purchased, employee price standard, etc. Monitors and manages all reports created for

Managing Earnings

The admin manages all revenue generated by subscription packages, in-app purchases and orders placed.

Price Comparison App Retailer Panel

Product Shipment

Retailers upload the product list. Then the list is reviewed by the manager, after discussion the manager approves the product list.

This is the step where the retailer chooses a shipping format to upload the product list. Often the product list is uploaded in a CSV format that summarizes the various products. Then the list is sent to the administrator.

Arrangements and Upload

Retailers can edit the product list or description at any time, even if the product is live in the app.

Order Tracking

Retailers can track all orders created for their products. It can also make the necessary provisions for delivery.

price comparison app, price tracking app

Features of the User Panel

Social media

Users can showcase their purchases and share their shopping experiences through the price comparison application.

Account Verification

Account verification is vital to avoiding spam bots. After registration, users receive a verification code to their email ID or registered phone number to verify themselves.

Browse Products

Users can navigate between different categories, browse products, see and compare prices from different e-commerce portals.

View Product Listing

Users can create a product list. The list allows users to check the changing prices of products and also helps them analyze the product more conveniently.

Get Product Details

Users can find information about their products. After comparing specifications and prices, the user can make a cost-effective decision.

Save Products

Users can also save products. They can review the product whenever they want.

Choose the Product You Want

Users can select the product they want and then order at the displayed price.

Order History

Users can view all their previous orders, specifications, invoice details, invoices, etc. They can review at any time in the order history along with other information such as

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