Scooter Applications: Time to Explore the City

Scooter Applications: Time to Explore the City

The e-Scooter business is one of the fastest growing businesses across industries. Businesses around the world are bringing a revolution in the transportation industry through the E-Scooter business. Grand View According to Research , the global E-Scooter business has reached a value of $ 22.28 billion by 2022. The site also predicted that by 2030 the industry will generate $40.6 billion in revenue.

On the other hand , PR Newswire estimates that the market size of the global E-Scooter business will be 50.99 billion by 2030. The expected annual growth rate will be 11.2% from 2022 to 2030 . Initiatives like Martı in our country reveal that there is a great potential in this field. If you want to carry out a project in this area locally or nationally, we are developing a special Scooter application for you.

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Why Invest in Scooter Application?

An E-Scooter business is trending worldwide. Entrepreneurs invest large sums of money in the business. There are several important reasons why these entrepreneurs think it is right to invest in an E-Scooter application;

  • Demand: E-Scooter apps attract more customer attention than any other app. Since transportation is a necessity, people choose any option that offers them quality service. Thus, you can gain a broad customer base by providing enhanced customer experience and service quality.
  • Low Competition: Although the e-Scooter business is one of the fastest growing industries, the number of competitors is very low. It is therefore a clear opportunity for any startup or business to develop an app and enter the market with quality service.
  • Investors: As the industry grows rapidly, problems with financing are not such a big deal. Investors will always see the growth prospect and then decide whether to invest or not. So if you have the right planning and a top-notch execution, you will get investors gradually.
  • Profit: Transportation is an indispensable necessity for people. That's why the demand for the E-Scooter business is quite high. When demand is high, businesses make high profits. An app can always improve the customer experience. The cost of developing an E-Scooter app is considerably less than profit.

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How Does the Scooter App Work?

The scooter application developed by Kumsal Agency has the following working system;

Customer Reservation

Users must sign in through the app using their unique credentials. After signing in, they must select the vehicle to travel from one location to another.

Vehicle Allocation

A QR code will be generated after the user pays. The user will show this to the personnel at the station. The staff will scan and after that the vehicle will be allocated to the user.

Evaluation and Feedback

After completing the user journey, they can rate and review the service provider through the app.


After the user selects the agent and location, he has to pay with the preferred payment method in the app.

Live View

When the user starts to get on, the administrator or the owner of the E- Scooter will monitor the real-time location of the user and the vehicle.

What are the Basic Equipment Required for Scooter Application?

Some equipment is required for the scooter application;

  • GPS to monitor the vehicle and ensure that the user is following the entered route.
  • Battery Meter is very important in E- Scooter because it will reduce free inconvenience for users.
  • A rangefinder is required for applications that charge by distance on e- scooters .
  • An alarm can warn for a fire exit or low charge, so it is also necessary.
  • A sensor for maintenance is essential as it can alert car owners about any configuration required on the car.

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Why Kumsal Agency for Scooter Application?


Here at Kumsal Agency we believe that an excellent approach to developing an app can create scopes for innovation. That's why we always have a clear discussion and understand your business goals before any step in development.


At Kumsal Ajans, you will gain a highly experienced team in developing E-Scooter applications. We have served many organizations and provide them with the best technology solutions. You can count on our experience in identifying and reducing your business needs.

Focus on Trends

Developing an application that observes current and possible future trends is crucial to making the application effective and successful. Kumsal Agency understands this and that's why we have quality experts assigned in business analysis. These experts will closely observe your business and industry and conduct a deep analysis to extract the key factors.


When developing an application, it is imperative to ensure legal compliance to avoid any consequences in the future. Kumsal Agency does not follow any application that may violate the laws and regulations of any country in application development. Thus, your application stays away from legal problems.

NDA (Confidentiality Agreement)

Kumsal Ajans is a true professional company that we respect the privacy of our clients. It is safe and secure with security v of sensitive information about the app.


Kumsal Agency uses only the latest versions of each technology to provide you with a high-performance application.

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What are the Scooter App Features?

Various functions are included in all scooter apps currently on the market. These features are critical to the overall functioning of scooters . Here are all the basic e-scooter app features to be developed in all e-scooter apps:

Membership and System Login

Registration and login is the key point regarding payment options and e-scooter use. Each of these is a distinct function that should be included in every application. They should be made simpler and more user-friendly. If the registration process takes some time, visitors will be closed. Allow them to log in using their social media profile. Also, make sure you offer customers secure payment options and that their confidential material is safe.

Real Time Monitoring

Customers can safely monitor where the e- scooter is placed and how long they have to travel to reach the location using the functionality.

QR (Quick Response) Code

QR code is an integral feature of e-scooter software. To start riding, the app needs to scan the QR code placed on the e- scooter . This requires the use of a smart lock system that will lock or unlock the e- scooter when a QR code is scanned . Smart lock is now an IoT- based feature that relies on a microcontroller to function properly .

In-App Purchase

Your customers must pay for the app directly from the interface. It therefore results in an immediate increase in user experience.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are an excellent way to engage app users. For example, popular e-scooter apps provide well-timed push alerts to keep users engaged several times each day .

Trip History

This section of the app displays users' travel history, including the distance traveled and the money they will have to pay.

Feedback Features

Have your customers upload reviews to your smartphone app and the e-scooter service itself. They must be willing to report bugs, evaluate their trip, and contact customer service . This serves two purposes: it allows your consumers to voice their opinions on your scooter-sharing app while also capturing input for future upgrades.

Web Software

Web Software

We develop web software projects for your corporate and individual needs. We are implementing software and coding studies that will bring your dream projects to the digital world. First, we listen to your requests in the field of web software and mobile application software. Then, our team start working on the projects based on your demands.

Your project is presented to you after the necessary studies for web design and coding have been performed. After taking reassessing the revisions you want, the final version of your web software project is delivered. Kumsal Agency continues to provide support after web software service is completed.

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