What is React Native? | What Does It Do? | Usage areas

What is React Native? | What Does It Do? | Usage areas

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React native is a special mobile application development library that enables multi-platform Android and IOS applications to be designed with native user interface elements. The foundations of this system are based on JavaScrpip Core and Babel transformers. This platform was first used by Facebook in 2013 as part of the Hacathon Project.

For the first time in the world, react native was introduced during the Reactis Conference in January 2015. This library provides the creation of very impressive interfaces in native applications. For this reason, it is used in many individual and corporate projects.

This application has a special language format. Thus, it provides the opportunity to develop a local application on a single language and run it on many different platforms. The system creates a bridge between the device and the interface and enables the mobile application to run smoothly on different platforms.

Native mobile applications are preferred by many corporate companies today because they provide high performance. However, native applications can only run on a single operating system. Thanks to React native, this limitation is eliminated.

What Does React Native Do? What are the Usage Areas?

React Native is a product used as a front-end. In other words, all transactions in terms of design and operation can be mastered on the mobile application interface. React native is not preferred if there is a small news source in a business application. However, if you want to have a versatile mobile application such as group conversations, personal messaging and news sources, the native language will be more functional. If you do not have the time and budget to develop native mobile applications on more than one application, React native will do your job in every aspect.

Applications you develop with React native can run full performance on more than one platform. Under normal conditions, native applications only work in a certain operating system and they all have a separate coding language. Thanks to this framework, you can develop a mobile application with a single code structure compatible with different operating systems.

In a mobile application you develop in this way, speed, user experience and functionality will be very high. Remember, native mobile apps are always more functional in terms of speed and performance because they are native.

Anyone who wants to have a high performance corporate or individual mobile application can use React native technology. This application is shown as a hybrid framework type. However, the features included in it are far above the hybrid technology. It is a system that can be easily used in mobile applications for different needs from every sector.

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What are React Native Advantages?

Each technology has certain advantages and disadvantages. The more React native meets your needs, the more advantageous it will be.

In general, React native advantages can be listed as follows;

  • Reduces Time Cost in the Design Process: One of the most important features of React Native is that it reduces the time cost in the design process. While developing a native application, it may take a long time for the designer to work one by one for each application. Thanks to React technology, you don't need to reload every change.
  • Provides Coding Functionality: There is a single code structure for each operating system in native applications. Therefore, the opportunity to create a single codebase for IOS and Android with a chance to blend increases functionality. In other words, you can focus on other elements by spending less energy in the coding process.
  • Provides Superior User Experience: Since the library in question has native application technology, the user experience is superior. In other words, it provides a user experience that is modern, simple and suitable for the structure of the operating system. Users can keep up with the updates about the operating system in the mobile application.
  • Compatible with Operating Systems Features: In a detailed mobile application, the general features and language features of each operating system can be adapted. In other words, it is very easy to develop a versatile application thanks to the React native library.
  • Native Mobile Applications Make it Economical: Under normal conditions, businesses that want to develop a native mobile application must carry out a separate project for each operating system. However, thanks to React technology, native application development becomes more economical as the code structure of all operating systems is reduced to a single language.
  • Mobile Application Developed Is Very Fast: One of the most important disadvantages of hybrid mobile applications is the low loading speed. The loading time of a mobile application developed with React native technology is much shorter. This technology gives functional results in terms of speed in mobile applications.

What are the disadvantages of React Native?

As there are many opportunities for those who want to use React native, this technology has some limitations. However, the advantages of this application are much more than its disadvantages. You can analyze the current limitations in detail and see if they pose a big problem for you.

React native disadvantages are as follows;

Finding Application Errors is Difficult: In terms of code during design, React technology provides enormous convenience and time savings. However, when some errors occur in an application developed with React native, it will be difficult to find and debug the errors. Because you have to do a research on the code structure and create the right action plan.

Configuration is Lots: The need for configuration of the local library coordination within the React native application may be numerous. The configuration process can also increase the loss of time during management in mobile applications created with this technology.

Before using your preference in the direction of React native, it will be right to make a detailed evaluation in order to meet your needs.

What Are The Applications That May Have React Native Options?

There are also different applications you can use instead of React Native. These hybrid applications have emerged with certain standard web technologies. Also some of them contain local core components. However, React native is seen as the most functional solution for local development besides similar applications.

The mobile application you create with React nanive has completely local building blocks. The basic working logic of this system is to convert JavaScrip codes into local codes and make them suitable for the operating system. Other hybrid services work as web applications built into WebWiew components. Cordova or Ion can also be evaluated in terms of efficiency, quality and customer experience if your need will see a different application.

React Native Mobile Application Prices

Native mobile application projects are always more costly than hybrid projects. Because hybrid mobile applications can work integrated with all operating systems. In native applications, a specific coding and design work must be done for each operating system.

Native applications will give effective results in every business due to their speed, user experience and high performance. If you don't have the budget and time for Native technology, React native provides functional results in this regard.

React native mobile application prices will cost less than a single native project for each application. The cost of the application will depend entirely on your expectations and the structure of your project.

If you want to have a mobile application with React native technology for your corporate or individual needs, you can first contact us and convey your expectations and needs. Our team can offer you a price quote after a short study. We support you with our expert staff for a React native mobile application project with high performance, local features and cost-effective.

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