What is an Advertising Agency? | Why is it Necessary?

What is an Advertising Agency? | Why is it Necessary?

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The advertising agency assists the advertiser in creating the ad. They offer a wide range of services to the advertiser, from conception to printing an ad. For this reason, advertising agencies organize various events and consist of various departments and experts.

Some large businesses have their own advertising departments to deal with advertising. Sometimes they also seek help from advertising agencies. But small-scale industries always partner with an ad agency as they can't afford to have an ad department on their own.

Advertising agencies are professional organizations that create advertisements and advertise them through appropriate media. They offer the specific knowledge, skills and experience needed to produce an effective advertising campaign.

Kumsal Ajans offers you creative solutions for all your advertising and campaign needs with its experienced team.

What is an Advertising Agency?

An advertising agency is a firm established to provide specialized services in advertising, such as preparing content for advertising, optimizing ads, and delivering the ad through appropriate media. In short, it is the business partner that deals with the preparation and placement of ads for and on behalf of advertisers.

Kumsal Ajans provides advertising services with many business partners. Many experts such as artists, copywriters and media specialists, SEO specialists, Google advertising specialists work in the team working in our advertising department.

Why is an Advertising Agency Necessary?

An advertising agency performs all necessary functions on behalf of the client or advertiser. For this reason, the advertiser who partners with an advertising agency provides a great advantage in order to achieve the desired results.

An advertising agency charges predetermined packages for its services or a fixed percentage of the project invoice. While businesses minimize their advertising expenses by getting professional support, they also get the highest efficiency.

An advertising agency offers a wide variety of advertising services. Full-service advertising agencies employ specialists to do a specific job so they can meet any need.

Kumsal Ajans promises you transformation-oriented solutions for Google ads, social media ads and many other advertising models.

What are the Advantages of Working with an Advertising Agency?

Even if a company has an efficient advertising department on its own, there are some advantages to working with an advertising agency.

The advantages of working with an advertising agency can be listed as follows;

  • A company cannot have all kinds of specialists such as copywriters artists, design personnel, market research specialists. But an advertising agency permanently employs these highly paid professionals. Because their costs are spread over many advertisers. Therefore, it is economical and cheaper to use the services of an advertising agency.
  • An advertising agency can provide an unbiased or objective view of any advertising problem. The agency can also evaluate the product's values and worthlessness through the eyes of the buyers. This objectivity is not possible for an advertising department of the company.
  • The rich experience of an advertising agency, the expertise it gains in dealing with many products and customers is fully available to advertisers.
  • A company's own department may not have much time to produce results. An advertising agency can be pressured to perform effectively as soon as possible.
  • If the services offered by an advertising agency are poor or unsatisfactory, the partnership can easily be terminated by the company. However, solving problems in an inefficient advertising department will be time consuming, costly and difficult.
  • Finally, the agency is paid by the business owner. The advertiser is not required to pay the agency for this when purchasing ad space. If he advertises directly to the agency, he must pay.

How to Choose an Advertising Agency?

You can increase your sales by using advertising and promotion as part of your marketing strategy. An advertising agency can help you, but you also need to allocate a certain budget for this. Given the wide variety of advertising options available, it's important to seek support from a reputable agency if you want to ensure your campaigns are effective. Before choosing an advertising agency, you should:

  • Find out the size of the agency
  • Check if they have expertise in any profession
  • Ask what media they specialize in and if they have specific creative strategies they prefer to use.
  • Review their past campaigns and find out how successful they have been.
  • See past and present customer types.
  • Ask about team members who will be working on your account and their history.
  • See if they have any experience working for your business type and understand the competition in your field.
  • Check out how they rate the effectiveness of a campaign.
  • Get an estimate of their fees and what's included. Also look at questions such as whether they will accept the payment agreement based on the results.
  • If possible, try to get references from customers.

You will also need to ask some questions when choosing an advertising agency. At this point, you should also get answers to the following questions;

  • What are your fees? Can we afford your services?
  • What is your industry expertise? Do you have good references from similar companies like ours?
  • Do you work for any of our competitors? Is there anything we should be worried about?

With questions like this, you can choose the right agency. Kumsal Ajans serves you as a professional advertising agency with its experienced team.

Why Kumsal Ajans for Advertising Agency?

  • We create and strategize a good advertising and marketing plan for all your products, business or brand. These allow us to work within your business goals and develop ad campaigns that capture the attention of potential customers and encourage them to buy your products, within your budget.
  • As a full-service advertising agency, we also do graphic design and web production for the organization. Normally, different advertising agencies contact other companies for this. However, we support you with our own team and we only trust our team. Because a poorly printed or designed campaign can reflect badly on the business as a whole.
  • Our team monitors the progress of the campaign and analyzes it if it has any impact on the business. Develops new strategies and new approaches to improve marketing in case the business is not doing well.
  • As Kumsal Ajans, we also carry out all your media processes, such as advertising in magazines and newspapers, television and radio broadcasts and other sales points, upon your request.
  • We are responsible for web marketing from publishing, page monitoring and web design. Our mission is to get as many people as possible to see the best in your products and give them strong reasons to buy them.

How Advertising Agency Works

As Kumsal Ajans, our working system works as a team with a fully coordinated and innovative approach. We carry out a process for you as follows;

  • Customer Selection

The first and foremost role of an advertising agency is to communicate and select customers who want to advertise their products, services or anything else they plan to sell. Firms with sound principles, skilled management, and practical operational goods and services prioritize approaching and selecting customers. We cover all processes such as financial situation, business size and type, effective leadership and functional products.

  • Media Selection

Another basic task of an advertising company is media selection. Various aspects should be considered when choosing a media outlet, such as cost, circulation, population served, audiences, nature of the product, consumer categories and most importantly customer demands.

  • Advertising Planning

The third and most important task of an advertising company is advertisement preparation for its clients. To do this, the advertising agency needs information about the firm's goods, advertising history, market conditions, distribution channel, competitors' products and advertising strategies, the area to be covered, the nature and type of consumers, etc. Data should be obtained by doing extensive research on the subject. The next step in the planning process is to choose the advertising channel where the ad will take place. Finally, the adaptation processes of the advertising message according to the media it will be distributed should be discussed.

  • Creative Function

When the planning function is completed, the creative process begins. Advertising content, layout, graphics, images, advertising messaging, advertising themes need to be created in the best way. These tasks are carried out by all the experts in our team, including writers, artists, designers, directors, photographers and motion graphics professionals.

  • Research Function

It is the fifth primary function of an advertising agency. First, he conducts a detailed research in the media and the industry. In this context, the ad agency collects and analyzes data about the product, market size, competitor tactics and consumer habits to help creative workers make ad copy more attractive and successful.

  • Customer's Consent

After the ad copy is developed, the ad agency's next role is to show the text content to its client and get approval. If the client proposes any improvements, they can be implemented, but the process will not be initiated until final approval is received.

  • Marketing Function

The advertising company also carries out marketing responsibilities such as the selection of target consumers, the creation of products and packages, the creation of distribution channel strategies, the determination of pricing and discount rates. In addition, it provides its clients with useful advice on the nature and trend of market conditions. As a result, the customer coordinates the production process, taking into account market conditions.

  • Evaluation Function

The ad agency's next role is to conduct a thorough examination of the effects of advertising for the good of its clients. Simply putting and publishing advertising content is not enough. If there is a problem and the desired goals are not achieved, the necessary recommendations should be made and implemented only after the client's consent.

  • Coordination Function

The last important job of the advertising agency is to develop appropriate cooperation with the customer's sales team and supply chain to ensure the long-term effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Every time the advertising agency communicates with the customer about the advertising medium to be used, it also provides information about the processes, such as how many times the ads are published after the changes requested by the advertiser are made.

As Kumsal Ajans, we provide you with professional support in all kinds of matters. If you have advertising agency needs, call us now and get detailed information about our services.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

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Kumsal Agency Team is always by your side for increasing the true potential of your brand by determining e-commerce strategies, creating advertising budgets as well as managing digital marketing crisis. With digital consultancy, your marketing budget is used in the most efficient way possible.

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