What is Instagram Advertising Consultancy? | What does it Cover?

What is Instagram Advertising Consultancy? | What does it Cover?

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Instagram currently has over 1 billion active users. More than 180 million companies showcase their products or services here through their business profiles. Instagram has become a very important platform as an advertising channel.

Apart from the size of a business, Instagram offers many options for connecting with customers. But as more businesses join Instagram in nearly every industry, it will be harder to stand out from the competition.

In late 2015, Instagram launched ad-supported posts. Marketers can now target a specific demographic among Instagram's millions of users using the Facebook advertising system. Advertising on Instagram provides great power to businesses that want to reach 500 million people who use the platform every day.

With Instagram advertising consultancy, you can directly reach your audience where you can market your products and services.

Kumsal Ajans helps you in ad production, ad management, ad evaluation and developing new strategies in your Instagram ad campaigns.

What is Instagram Advertising Consulting?

Instagram advertising consulting enables businesses to develop effective strategies for posts they can pay to reach their target audience on the platform.

Ads on Instagram can appear anywhere in the app, including in users' news feeds, stories, and other areas, like those on Facebook. There is a difference between a regular post and an ad post. Ads have a "sponsored" tag. Links, call-to-action buttons, and product catalogs are strategies to use in these posts.

In our country, only sponsored ads are used on Instagram. For this reason, many businesses cannot use this platform with full performance. Instagram allows you to reach your target audience with many different advertising strategies.

With our professional Instagram ad management service, you can get maximum efficiency from Instagram ads.

What Does Instagram Advertising Consulting Cover?

If you use our Instagram advertising consultancy service, our team will support you in determining the target audience, deciding on the type of ad, creating the ad content, monitoring the ad performances and optimizing the data for new ads.

Within the scope of Instagram advertising consultancy, we provide the following services;

1. We Determine Your Marketing Goal

Our first step is to choose a campaign goal. Here we present your goals transparently and clearly. For example, do you want more traffic? We create an advertising campaign that will drive traffic. In order to increase the visibility of brands, we create ads that will increase your brand's brand awareness.

Instagram ads work for specific purposes. For this reason, you cannot go beyond these goals with Instagram ads. Instagram ad targets can be:

  • Brand awareness
  • Reaching potential customers
  • Traffic
  • Getting the application installed
  • Engagement (for post interaction only)
  • Video views
  • Transformation

2. We Configure Your Audience

Deciding on your goal is very important in this process. We narrow your target demographic so that your Instagram ads are seen by your potential customers. We use Facebook's demographic statistics to target the right people. We enable you to target directly from Instagram ads.

3. We Choose Your Ad Spaces

Considering the right demographic, we now decide where to run your ad. If you only want your ads to show on Instagram, we must select your ad slots. If you choose to ignore this step, you will also ensure that Facebook displays your ads on Facebook along with Instagram.

When you have materials specially prepared for Instagram, we need to select "Edit Ad Spaces" here.

4. We Determine Your Budget and Advertising Plan

As with Facebook, AdWords or any other digital ad networks, we decide on your budget and advertising schedule for Instagram ads. You can take advantage of our professional consultancy services for daily or long-term budgets for the first Instagram marketing campaigns.

5. Create Your Instagram Ad

After all the steps above, we make your Instagram ads ready for publication. After this stage, we decide on the types of ads and create your Instagram ads.

What are Instagram Ad Types?

You have a lot of different options when it comes to Instagram ad types. For this reason, you should apply the right advertising strategies and invest in the right ad types in order to get maximum efficiency from Instagram ads.

We support you in this regard with our Instagram advertising consultancy service.

The types of Instagram ads you can use are as follows;

Image ads

We use display ads to promote your products and services.

In image advertising, we use strong visual content that can be conveyed in a single image. We use the highest quality photography or design strategies to produce these images.

It is also possible to add text to photos. For best results Instagram, we keep the amount of text placed on images to a minimum.

Users can get to know your brand with full-screen image or video ads interspersed with their Stories on Instagram.

More than 500 million people use Instagram every day to view the Stories section of the app. Stories advertising attracts more attention as they fill the entire mobile screen and provide a more immersive experience than in-stream ads.

Video ads

Instagram video ads, like Instagram's image ads, allow companies to showcase their products and services to customers up close and personal.

In-feed video ad can be up to 60 minutes in length. We create corporate and effective video ads for your brand.

Carousel ads

Carousel ads allow users to quickly scroll through a series of images or videos. They can appear in both feed and Instagram Stories using a swipe link or call-to-action button.

You can use carousel ads to:

  • You can arrange a group of related products on the screen.
  • You can promote a multi-part product group.
  • You can share up to 10 photos or videos.

Collection ads

Collection ads are a mix of carousel ads and shopping ads, combining the best of both. Ads that feature products in your product catalog are called collection ads.

If you're selling something online, collectibles advertising is an excellent choice for your company. It provides the advantage that users can learn more about the product and purchase when they click on an ad.

Discover ads

Users can discover new content and accounts based on their Instagram usage habits by clicking the Discover Ads button. More than half of Instagram users visit Discover at least once a month, and the explore section stands out as the perfect place to promote your work.

Advertising on Instagram appears after the user clicks on a photo or video in Discover. Companies that use Discover Ads can be featured alongside culturally relevant and trending information on users' Discover tabs. Ads that appear in the Explore section can be photos or videos.

Shopping ads

Instagram has 130 million monthly customers. This makes significant contributions to the development of e-commerce capabilities. Shoppers can now browse and purchase things on Instagram without ever leaving the app. These ads are available to businesses with Pay on Instagram enabled.

Users who click on an Instagram Shopping ad are taken to a product details page in the Instagram app. They can then use your mobile website to take an action.

To run Shopping ads on Instagram, you must first create a shopping catalog on Instagram.

Roller ads

Recently, Instagram announced that it will be possible to advertise on Reels.

Reels ads, which are full-screen vertical videos, run between Reels and can last up to 30 seconds. Sound and music must be included to ensure that Reels ads are compatible with organic Reels.

With Instagram advertising consultancy, you can choose the right type of advertising for your business and increase your sales by applying the most effective advertising strategies or reach your target audience organically.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital consultancy allows your brand to be known among users across the internet. With digital consultancy service, it is possible for your brand to reach a wider audience in the online environment, to establish brand reputation, and to increase brand awareness.

Kumsal Agency Team is always by your side for increasing the true potential of your brand by determining e-commerce strategies, creating advertising budgets as well as managing digital marketing crisis. With digital consultancy, your marketing budget is used in the most efficient way possible.

Let's do the best for your product or service together.

Let's combine our speciality and talent with your product and services.
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