What is Digital Marketing?: Role and Functions of Agencies

What is Digital Marketing?: Role and Functions of Agencies

what is digital marketing what does a digital marketing agency do

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is introduced as a marketing method that enables you to deliver your products and services to your target audience on virtual environments, which is much more advantageous than traditional advertising methods. Due to its financial advantages it is appealing to a much larger audience and is used by many more people.

It allows you to make promotions for your audience only, without the need to reach millions of people, such as TV commercials. It also allows you to easily stand out from thousands of people who are not in your target audience, even though they will see your ad, and make your budget transfer much more accurate. For this reason, digital marketing is the most widely used method of promotion today and is based on its principles. Here again, the most efficient methods are known as internet advertisements, social media advertisements and mobile platform advertisements.

As a result of the researches, it is seen that more than fifty percent of our population provides internet usage and this will be reflected as a transformation to you marketers. On the mobile and e-commerce side, marketers are investing in this ad format in particular because their budgets are more consistent, thanks to instant conversion tracking and affordable pricing.

In today's world, supply chain rules are so rigid that all businesses that do not follow its rules are bound to perish after a while. Nowadays, the biggest demand of the supply chain is to make good use of technology.

what is digital marketing what does a digital marketing agency do

How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency?

The choice of digital marketing agency is of great importance for anyone who wants to get services regardless of firm or person. The higher the quality of your service, the higher the efficiency of the company. At this point, there are some issues that you need to pay attention to or apply for choices. To mention these;

  • You should look at the company's previous references and make your selection accordingly.
  • Has the company done anything similar to your transaction before? If he did, you should be familiar with the details of how he got results from here.
  • Are the company officials interested in you? What level of customer satisfaction should you focus on?
  • What kind of comments have been made by the previous customers about the company, what kind of thoughts you should have information about this.
  • Will the reporting given to you be enough for you or do you need more? You should analyze it.
  • You should examine how realistic the company promises to you and how satisfied it is.
  • You should pay attention to the differences between the promises of other companies and the promises of these firms.
  • You should analyze the promises and prices.

What Does Digital Marketing Agency Do?

Digital marketing agencies use many techniques to promote your products and services in digital environments. Which of these techniques will be the most efficient analysis and perform their work in this direction. Although the studies vary according to the agencies themselves, there are still certain principles and techniques. These techniques can be explained as follows.

Content Marketing Techniques: As it can be understood from the name, content marketing technique is a method that transfers the story of the product through text. The content here can be anything that conveys the message clearly. Not only articles, but also pictures and videos can be found here. Content marketing method is generally used to attract the attention of users who are not affiliated with you and to convey different messages to your users.

Mobile Tools: Having a website or application designed for mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and similar messaging technology allows you to participate in the competition here. Digital marketing agencies can analyze how your target audience behaves in your application or on your site and build your strategy accordingly. Knowing what your target audience wants gives you the chance to provide the highest quality service and you can have the chance to keep your audience in your hands.

Social Media Tools: Today's people spend most of their free time in social media applications such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. At this point, well-managed accounts will provide a great yield for you. Digital marketing agencies will enable you to expand your audience by marketing and promoting your services and products here in various ways.

In-Site Campaigns and Promotions: This method is used especially in e-commerce sites to keep your users loyal to you and you can get new user records. In this method, digital advertising agencies choose the most appropriate campaign according to the actions of the users.

Targeting: In order to keep the target audience in your hands, you should be able to gain a place in the minds of that audience. Digital marketing agencies analyze the most effective ways to provide this for you and provide the necessary promotions on your behalf.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital consultancy allows your brand to be known among users across the internet. With digital consultancy service, it is possible for your brand to reach a wider audience in the online environment, to establish brand reputation, and to increase brand awareness.

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